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Cool Down Stretches Post Workout Benefits

‘Cool Down’, as the term suggests denotes a group of low-intense physical activities that allows the body to cool down. Cool downs are performed following high-intense workouts/physical activities to return the body to its normal state. While many avoid warm ups due laziness; shunning cool down workouts happens due to lack of knowledge about its significance. Eluding cool down leads to lethal injuries in the long haul.

The main purpose of cool down is to bring one’s heart rate and body temperature to it’s normal state in a step-by-step manner. Cool Down reduces dizziness, minimizes post-workout muscle soreness and significantly avoids muscular and skeletal injuries. Research study indicates better performances from individuals ensuring proper Warm Ups and Cool Downs.

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Proper hydration and low-intensity workout constitutes the cool down process. Mild activities such as brisk walk, jogging and static stretching are widely followed cool down workouts. A typical Cool Down session lasts a maximum of 5-10 minutes. The body is re-hydrated through consuming normal water or sports drink. Cool down reverses unnecessary muscle cramps, strains and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Neglect of Cool Downs often results in ankle injuries. Medical professionals too recommend Cool Downs since abrupt ceasing of activity after heavy workouts lead to Varicose Veins, a medical condition where one’s veins (mainly legs) enlarge. Current technological advancements have lead to creation of cooling products such as ice vests which are effectively used by sports persons during break time to cool down recovering faster guaranteeing better results.

Cool Down Stretches Workouts

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