Let Google Maps Be Your Parking Lot Guide – Check Out The New Feature

Let Google Maps Be Your Parking Lot Guide - Check Out The New Feature 1
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Google, the multinational technology company actually requires no introduction. So no more you need to worry about where you have parked your car in the near future, as google testing a new feature which will help you save time and avoid the hassle searching your car in the parking lot. Basically, Google has been famous among all the internet users due to its super cool Search Engine.

When the company was founded in the year 1996, they were completely focused on providing the best results for a user search query. Later they have expanded and created a much online application for the benefit of the people around the world. They concentrated on problems which will benefit billions around the world if it gets solved.

Lately, they have been working to solving many problems that affect the massive population in the world. One among them is found where you have parked your car in a Mall, Supermarket, Client Meeting, Trekking in the forest, or anywhere you go. As humans, we tend to be rushing and forgetting simple things which will result in huge amount of productivity if they can be avoided. For ex: Consider yourself attending an interview in a multinational digital marketing company which have more than 10k employees in that particular location, there is no way you can remember the place you park in that humongous parking lot.

So by forgetting where you have parked your car, you spend time searching for it and mentally you worry for not remembering the place you have parked. Google released a beta version of their Maps app for Android users, yes iOS users have to wait for a little. You can find the beta version of the app here (Maps – Navigation & Transit).

Features of the Google Map – Navigation & Transit app:

  1. Make sure you are signed in within the app.
  2. Open the app and tap on the blue location dot, you will be displayed with the options.
  3. Select “Save your parking” options in the menu.
  4. Then you add parking notes. (Input the information like in which floor you have parked, set a timer about how long you are entitled to park there, add pictures of surroundings if required.)
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Parking 2

Other details


Note: It may require data to access the app, but we are expecting this should be available in offline maps also. Since Google is testing this feature, it is said to be available for few of the Android users. Expecting an official announcement of the beta for iOS pretty soon. There is a similar option available in the iOS inbuilt Maps app, but it requires both the vehicle and the device to be sync with a Bluetooth connection.

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