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Well the early and mid-September this year have seen a flurry of updates about new Smartphones and some have hit the market. The king of all the latest is none other the Apple smartphones iPhone X, iPhone 8 and others. The latest update is of the major rival to that, it’s Google to possibly announce the upgraded version of its Pixel smartphone. The date of the event is officially confirmed by Google as October 4th. Aren’t you curious to know whether it will match the likes of iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8?

Image Source: Techcrunch
Image Source: Techcrunch



This is totally new from Google announcing the new smartphone in an unexpected way, at least for some. The official release date has been announced in an official landing page and the page collecting our email address to send more updates about the device in a specifically crafted manner. The smartphone will be unveiling at an event that will be taking place in San Francisco at 9 AM PT on October 4th.

YouTube Video – Funny you should ask

Along with the landing page, Google also released a YouTube video where the video has touched upon the common problems any smartphone faces in his/her daily usage. The video has been titled as “Funny you should ask” which already crossed 1 million views on the platform in just a couple of days.

It displays an user querying on google search about general problems with his/her phone battery, features, heating in nature and lots more. Having watched the video one can possibly expected a phone which focuses on providing solutions to key problematic areas like the battery life, camera, self-updates, voice recognition, speed durability and much more. Watch the video by yourself and have fun.

Google Pixel 2 Specifications

Similarly, as it would happen every time before the launch of a smartphone, we have the rumors about the Google Pixel 2 possible specifications. The device expected to have Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM.

Similar to recently unveiled Apple iPhone 8 & X, we can expect that Google Pixel have IP68 water and dust resistance. The operating system will be of the latest android OS Oreo. Experts suggested that the device will be available in both Standard and XL version, more like the initial Google Pixel phone.


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