GroceryBuddi – A Site Review



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What is GroceryBuddi?


These days, it almost feels like one is running a million miles daily due to various commitments that seem to grow day-by-day. You find yourself juggling lots of activities just trying to keep your head above water but alas, you forgot to do the grocery shopping!


Sometimes you don’t even forgot, but no matter how much you want to go for the groceries, you can’t afford to miss that meeting. You also can’t leave your visitors to go to the grocery shop. However, no need to worry. GroceryBuddi will always be there for you.

GroceryBuddi is a website built with the main aim of connecting people who need help with their groceries, with someone who can go to the store and actually do the grocery shopping for them! The vision of GroceryBuddi is to make the world a better place by freeing up peoples time, and helping others make money at the same time.

Why GroceryBuddi?

GroceryBuddi is a trusted community marketplace where you can find individuals, who are ready to help you out with your grocery shopping. One big reason to use GroceryBuddi is because the site connects you with people who are in your community

Finding a Grocery Runner

Want to outsource your grocery shopping? You won’t have to break a sweat.

Here’s how GroceryBuddi works;

  1. Search

Perform a quick search for Grocery Runners in your area.

  1. Select

Review the profiles of runners that we show you and pick the right GroceryBuddi for you.

  1. Enjoy!

Spend more time doing what you want to do, freeing up your life.

Becoming a Grocery Runner

Considering a career change or an extra working opportunity. We provide you the opportunity to work on your own schedule. You can work when you want and accept only the jobs that you are interested in. Here’s how GroceryBuddi works;

  1. Sign up

Sign up quickly and safely on our platform. It’s easy and fast.

  1. Get orders

After signing up, you’ll be part of the GroceryBuddi community and be ready to take grocery shopping requests.

  1. Go shopping!

Go to the store and do the shopping!

  1. Get paid…

Get paid quickly and easily.

Most sites that connect you with jobs typically take 20% of EVERYTHING you make. GroceryBuddi believes that if you do the work, YOU should keep all the money. That’s why they charge just a small monthly fee.

Visit GroceryBuddi today at