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Please read our guest blog guidelines. We are not creating the rules, we are trying to help our users to grow and create an identity for their writing and talent.

A guest blog is something like writing and publishing an article on someone’s website or blog. Taking this as an advantage most people are trying to spam this network. Please come out of this luxury zone and try to give quality content. This will take you to your destination, as you expected.

Advantages of Guest Blog:

  • You have a luxury to builds relationships with other bloggers across the web.
  • Guest post is search engine friendly.
  • Build your online presence by create new communities.

Please follow the below-given guidelines:

Please do not submit spun content. We will not approve these kinds of blogs; they will never get any credit from search engines. Do not waste your time on generating content.

Please do not submit plagiarized content. This is against our policies and of course, search engines will not recognize these kinds of content.

We will never compromise with the quality of the content. Please make sure that your content is informative and written with good English & proper grammar. The minimum word count of your content should be 300 and the maximum can be 600.

Provide a relevant image to use with your post. Kindly provide the reference URL for the image that you provide.

We do not allow duplicate content. Do not submit content that has been previously published at another site including your own blog.

Please avoid keyword stuffing. Your keyword density should not be greater than 3.5%.

We are not accepting adult, promotional, and personal abusing content. Please avoid writing on topics that will create controversy.

Blogger can describe himself with 2-3 sentences at author bio. This will be published at the end of the guest post. 1-2 links can be used related to the author’s website, blog, or other website that will provide information to readers.

SurFolks have a right to decline your content if it does not meet our standards. You are not allowed to edit your blog if you want to change or update it, please contact us at

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