Gyeondyo-bar – An Ice-cream that cures hangovers [Health]

Gyeondyo-bar - An Ice-cream cures hangovers Featured
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Ice cream bars named Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there" are seen at a convenience store in Seoul

A South-Korean convenience store chain has come with an ice-cream guaranteed to get rid of hangover. The ice-cream produced contains oriental raisin tree extract and grapefruit flavor that would counter the after-effects of alcohol consumption. Called “Gyeondyo-bar” that translates to “hang in there” in English, the ice-cream is soft & light and doesn’t taste like syrups/medicine employed in traditional cures for hangovers.

Based on industry data, Hangover-cure based products ranging from cosmetics, drinks; Pills etc. generate roughly $126 million in sales annually in South Korea. Gyeondyo-bar will available in stores from May 20.

Video Courtesy: On Demand News

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