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The growth of technology is tremendous and every part of our life depends on technology. Do you think that digital technology brings more advantages than disadvantages? Our current world has manipulated technology to no longer be a device just to make our day-to-day tasks easier but has twisted it into a form of non-stop entertainment and communication.

From political movements to security measures to brand inspiration, hacking has evolved to play a very different role. They get a fair bit of attention from the media. The talk of the town is Suchitra’s twitter account got hacked and they released some pictures and videos of Kollywood stars. Not only Suchitra, many of the popular celebrities accounts has been hacked and it created a buzz in all social media. The creators designed more memes about celebrities and it became more popular among followers now.


This may happen for us too and so we have to be more cautious in online by keeping our personal information safely. Never use the same passwords on all your social networks and don’t share your passwords with anyone. Even more important the site you register for using your Facebook credentials can potentially collect information through the authorization phase that you may not want to be shared.

We have to follow the below security tips to operate social media in a safe and secure environment.

  1. Use strong passwords and don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  2. Check the URL properly before logging into any social media.
  3. Configure your privacy settings if available.
  4. Don’t save your passwords in browsers.
  5. Check the web camera once before logging into social media. Hackers may hack your system through the web camera.
  6. Keep your antivirus and operating system up-to-date.

Check out for the recent video below about the hackers in social media. COURTESY: SUN NEWS



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