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Cricket being the gentlemen’s game with no lack of pace and tense moments on the field. Modern day cricket has improved a lot with the advent of T20 cricket, possibilities are enormous for batsmen or a bowler. Around the world, Batsmen are the one who gets most of the cheers in the game but there are few Bowlers who were astonishing in their department and still continuing to do so.

One of those fierce fast bowlers who clocked 161.1 km/h is the Australian cricket Shaun Tait, who turned 34 today. Every single cricket fan around the globe would love to watch Shaun Tait’s spell of speed bowling. As per Wikipedia, “Shaun William Tait is a professional Australian cricketer, who currently plays only in the Twenty20 format in the International Level.”

Shaun being a professional Australian cricketer also runs a pub named Hotel Elliot situated in South Australia. Shaun is a right arm fast bowler being the third speediest bowler in the world following Bret Lee and Shoaib Akhtar.

The muscular and beefy build bowler, Shaun Tait is famous for his speed bowling and liked by many for his sling style delivery action. He gives no room for the bowler to settle down as he delivers with a calm face and a complement short run up. One drawback of him is that he is yet to make an impact more or nearer to other famous speedsters Bret Lee and Shoaib Akhtar. Hope he makes a comeback and plays in all formats soon, wishing him a wonderful birthday.

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