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WhatsApp is currently the biggest online messenger app on the market. The growth of WhatsApp is phenomenal and now it hits a billion mark only eight years after its launch. Facebook, which acquired WhatsApp two years ago, for a whopping $19 billion, has always been known to share a rivalry with Snapchat, another dynamic messaging platform, regularly bringing in changes in step with its competitor.

Apart from the video call chat, WhatsApp is now rolling out with new features.

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  1. New WhatsApp status features allow user to share pictures, videos, and gifs with their contacts.
  2. Your Status will remain active for 24 hours, after which it disappears.
  3. The new WhatsApp Status will incorporate the same end-to-end encryption enjoyed by the app’s traditional messages
  4. There is a camera button in left next to chat which helps user for instant click and share photos and videos.
  5. ‘Status’ will receive its own tab, located between the ‘Calls’ and ‘Chats’ tabs, in the WhatsApp UI which helps users to share their status with photos, videos, Gif’s.
  6. Users also have the option to tweak their privacy settings to make their status visible only to specific people.
  7. Instead of limiting your video status updates to just 10 seconds (like Snapchat), videos you record and share as a Status can be as long as 45 seconds.

Android users, you can enjoy the new features in WhatsApp through Play Store and few IOS users have to wait for the official new updates.

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