Happy Raksha Bandhan – The Lovely Bond Between a Brother and a Sister

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Raksha Bandhan, a special occasion to celebrate one of the deepest and noblest of human relations, the lovely bond between a brother and a sister. Though not celebrated very fondly in the South, this gives us an opportunity to think and thank the lord for giving us such a beautiful relationship to share our happiness and sorrow. The divine thread, Rakhi, tied around the right wrists reveals sisterly love and sentiments. Rakhi means ‘a bond of protection’; A protective relation which cares and protect their sisters. Sisters also pray for the long life of their brothers after tying the Rakhi.

Happy Rakhsa Bandhan
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There are many legends and myths behind the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Most of them end up in symbolizing the aspects of protection against the evil. They also work towards helping us in becoming good humans and brining joy into everyone’s lives. Rakhi is considered to be a true bond of love and protection which frees all of us from all insecurities, fear, and sorrow. This is also believed to help in purification of your soul, which in turn is related your connection with God.


The popularity of the occasion has also led to innovativeness in the design of the Rakhis. There are different styles of Rakhis that suit the different ages of people. Themed Rakhis with Balganesh, Balhanuman, tweety, and many more are available in the market. You also have the option to send across Rakhis with sweets and flowers to your loved brothers in any part of the world. The growth and development of technology plays very unelectable roles by letting people know your affection and care for them.

Happy Raksha Bandhan



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