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Harry Potter is an iconic book series even written and without doubt it has been everyone’s favorite. Many of us witnessed the beauty of this story through the film series and had a good time. More than the film there are endless amount of creative and inspirational aspects present in the book series. Those who had read the book will agree on this for sure. It’s been 20 years and more since the book got released but you can see trending news about the story even today through social media. What’s that something that made everyone like Harry Potter and how possible it could make you a better person?


It is not about questioning whether someone is already a better person or not? The Hogwarts wizardry arsenal Harry Potter teaches the reader a lot about Patience and Persistence. The boy who lived went through all the tough times that arose through parent’s evil friends and immediate family members and eventually came out loved and successful.


In today’s world we have a got a ton of information floating around to be consumed but are they are really helpful and knowledgeable to everyone is a debatable question. Reading the Harry Potter series takes you through moments which not everyone get to encounter as it talks about everyday things into a different dimension. In order to board the train to Hogwarts, you got to be waiting at the platform 9 3/4 (9 o’ quarters), how about a flying bike and a cloak which will hide you from sight when you have it on yourself?


Harry Potter have rose to fame all these years and undoubtedly it has become a classic to be read by everyone in the household. The film carries strong female characters like Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Molly Weasley and a couple more. Enabling children read about strong female characters through a book makes them confident to face real time situation in the society.

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