Has Your Car insurance expired? Here’s What You Can Do Next

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Has it been a while your car insurance expired? Did you know that driving a car without valid car insurance is deemed illegal in India? In case, it has skipped your mind to renew your car insurance expired policy on time, without wasting any more time you should get it renewed as soon as possible.

Here are a few things that you can do to get a car insurance renewal without much hassle.

  • Contact your agent or opt for online car insurance renewal: As soon as your car insurance expires, you should get in touch with your car insurance agent for an immediate car insurance renewal. Only an experienced and efficient agent can give you advice on how to proceed for a renewal after the car insurance expired.
  • Stop driving your car: No matter how inconvenient it may seem, driving a car with expired car insurance is riskier than you think. If you happen to meet with an unfortunate accident at a time when your cover has expired, besides paying your own bills for damage repair you may also have to settle the damage claim set forward by the third party. Without a car insurance cover, it will be a big burden for you to get into an accident.
  • Select your car insurance policy: You can either get your car insurance policy renewed with the assistance of your agent or opt for an online car insurance renewal. It may also be a case that you want to try a new and better car insurance policy from a different company, in such a case you should compare the best and reliable policies in the market and select a new policy for your vehicle.
  • Keep your documents ready: Check with your policy agent which documents would be needed for car insurance renewal and start assembling them. Make sure to have a copy of your previous registration certificate and policy documents and also offer details about the registration location, date of registration and car model among others requisites.
  • Book an appointment for a car survey: As per your car insurance company, you may either book an appointment for a surveyor seek a self-inspection of your vehicle. Getting your car surveyed is crucial for deciding your eligibility for your car insurance renewal. If the vehicle has undergone certain damage during the period of expired car insurance, it may hamper the eligibility of the policy buyer. A prefixed amount may be set by the surveyor which may be deducted from the claim made in the future. Book your survey without any delay because it is only on the report of the surveyor, the insurer will approve the plea of car insurance renewal.
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There may be numerous reasons why you have not been able to get your car insurance renewed yet but it is extremely necessary that you have a valid car insurance policy every time you are on the driving seat.

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