Healthy Hair Tips For Men – DIY Styling Techniques

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Having bouncy, shiny and dark hairs are any man’s dream and especially at an age when your hairs start growing grey and thinner. In order to run down smoothly with your hair, it is important that like any other body part or an object your hairs also need maintenance and care be look shiny and preserve elasticity and strength.

When it comes to men hair there are many factors that determine healthy and good looking hair like lifestyle, daily activities, and diet. Also, one of the most common complaints that men have with their hair, is that their hairs turning thinner and hair loss. Just with a few natural tips and habitual changes we all can ensure good hair health for a longer span of time.

Listed below are some hair tips for men to avoid hair fall that focuses on self-care techniques and to do things to ensure healthy and growing hairs.

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Things that you should take care of:-

  • A very usual and general mistake most of us make is washing our hairs very often. Limit washes and use conditioners for smoother and healthier hair.
  • Always apt dry your hair after wash or bath and avoid rubbing wet hairs as it causes split ends and damages your hairs.
  • A hot shower could be very relaxing and rejuvenating, but it causes the removal of essential oils from the skin and scalp thus making the hair dull and dry.
  • Avoid using chemicals on the hair by using bleach or perm the hairs. In case you wish to color your hairs, take expert guidance from hair stylists who can suggest you healthier options to do so.
  • Never comb wet hairs, allow the hairs to dry and then comb. Use a wide tooth comb to release the tangles and arrange the wet hairs.
  • If you like swimming, always ensure to protect your hairs from the chlorinated pool water. Chorine causes dull and brittle hairs. The best way to protect the hairs is too wet the hairs with clean water and apply conditioners and wear swim caps before diving into the pool.
  • If you are experiencing continuous hair fall then you have to take care of hair loss treatments by taking nutritional supplements for hair loss.
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Do the following and have a great looking hair:-

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  • A good body blood circulation is the key to good hair growth and health. Food enriched with Vitamin E like avocado, rice bran, and green vegetables, legumes and grain is good for blood circulation. Ensure your diet accordingly.
  • Stay healthy, exercise and drinks plenty of water for healthy you and healthy hair. Avoid stress as it is the most common cause of hair fall and thin and dull hairs.
  • Take care to use good quality and branded shampoos and conditioners for shinier and softer hairs.
  • Condition your hairs with eggs. It goes well for hair nourishment as eggs are a rich source of protein. Massage with eggs and wash your hair out for shinning and healthy looking hairs.
  • Maintain a good looking hair with regular trims and cuts. Shorter hairs are easier to maintain and looks healthy on the head.
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