Here Is How To Drive More Leads With Email Marketing

lead generation
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lead generation


Despite the rapid growth of social media and other technologies, E-mail still remains as one of the effective marketing channels. Yes, according to a research by the Direct Marketing Association, email has a median ROI of 122%, which is four times higher than other marketing formats.

Many business entrepreneurs do well at generating leads, but it can’t stop over there. Your leads need to be carried out further down your funnel. So, how does one convert these leads into actual paying customers? A crucial tool for turning leads into customers is E-mail Marketing.

So, our today’s post will go over the ways to use E-mail marketing to drive up unique lead generation for your business.

Develop an E-mail marketing strategy related to your business

An E-mail marketing strategy is must, without a concrete plan, your emails will hit or miss the mark. You need a purpose for each email in your campaigns and an organized process for sending emails. The topmost strategies that every marketer used are as follows,

Educational Newsletter– It is the popular way to keep your brand top of mind for prospects and customers. You have to use the newsletter when your products prospects more educated buyers when they are ready to buy.

Email Drip Campaigns– Drip email campaigns include automated email messages that are “dripped” to your email list when triggered by an action. You can use drip campaigns when someone signs up to your email list, to offer more content to bring them back to your website.

Increase your Email list

This is the most important one to generate your business unique leads. Yes, you have to increase your email list to reach more potential leads, here are few ways to safely increase your email list,

Develop Lead Magnets– If you want to generate leads online, then your business needs a lead magnet. Why, because email is a very personal thing, people aren’t simply giving you their email address without a good incentive, even if they like your brand. As a marketer, you’ve to offer potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

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Promote your Lead Magnet– Choose the best social media platform and post links to your sign-up page with attractive headlines and lead-ins that prove your leads magnet’s value.

Create Effective Emails

So, everything has been perfectly done with the above mentioned key points. What’s next? It’s time to send an email to your potential buyers. Here are the keys to creating effective emails for your marketing campaigns.

Subject line-Your subject line makes the difference in a prospect opening your email or deleting it. You want to engage your reader with a short unique message.

Content– Use your subscriber name in the content and give personalized greetings, which help you to build relationships. But, be aware your content should be succinct and concise with only relevant information of about 100-200 words.

Social Integration– As marketers we want our readers to be sharing our content with their network and the best way to facilitate this is by incorporating social media sharing links into your emails.

Call-to-action–  Always close your email by telling your subscriber what you want them to do next. You could invite them to the next step in your funnel, or you could just offer more information on your website.

Finally, if you want to nurture your business and to change your curious visitors to engage customers, then use E-mail marketing. But, creating a relevant e-mail campaign and achieving higher success rate is a complex task. To achieve higher success rate, approach the best digital marketing services in Chennai and reach out your potential clients and boosts sales.

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