Hero Bike Price List – India 2015

Hero Bike Price List - India 2015 1
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Hero Bike Price List - India 2015
Hero Bike Price List – India 2015

Find the Price list of Hero Bikes in INDIA below.

Hero Achiever: Rs. 61,404

Hero Electric Cruz: Rs. 40,490

Hero Electric E-Sprint: Rs. 45,490

Hero Electric Maxi: Rs. 36,490

Hero Electric Optima Plus: Rs. 38,990

Hero Electric Photon: Rs. 52,790

Hero Electric Wave Dx: Rs. 40,150

Hero Electric Zion: Rs. 37,990

Hero Glamour: Rs. 55,968

Hero Glamour FI: Rs. 65,819

Hero HF Dawn: Rs. 39,746

Hero HF Deluxe: Rs. 42,216

Hero HF Deluxe Eco: Rs. 46,262

Hero Hunk: Rs. 69,810

Hero Ignitor: Rs. 59,996

Hero Impulse: Rs. 72,160

Hero Karizma 2014: Rs. 81,960

Hero Karizma ZMR 2014: Rs. 1,03,458

Hero Maestro: Rs. 51,099

Hero Passion PRO: Rs. 45,680

Hero Passion PRO TR: Rs. 54,039

Hero Passion X Pro: Rs. 50,095

Hero Pleasure: Rs. 43,600

Hero Pleasure 2014: Rs. 47,626

Hero Splendor iSmart: Rs. 49,698

Hero Splendor Plus: Rs. 45,655

Hero Splendor PRO: Rs. 46,280

Hero Splendor Pro Classic: Rs. 50,833

Hero Super Splendor: Rs. 53,735

Hero Xtreme 2014: Rs. 77,865

Hero Xtreme Sports: Rs. 73,206

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