Hipi – The Best Short Video Creating App for Android

Short videos are the future for content creators and influencers. With the ban of TikTok, there is a huge gap in the marketplace for short videos.

ZEE5 brings an exclusive short video app called ‘HiPi,’ bringing the latest trending videos from the film, shows, and entertainment. If you are looking for a short video app in India, Hipi is the one to go for. With this short video creating app, you can create short videos with just a few taps, and it’s completely free!

Short video app in India - HiPi
Short video app in India – HiPi

It also has an intuitive interface that will make your experience with short videos even better. It’s more than a short video app; and it also helps you build relationships with fellow content creators and also build a fanbase for your content.

Apart from sharing videos and getting likes and comments, you can also win a cash prize of up to 8 Lakhs (Of Course, conditions apply).

There is so much in HiPi, you will never get bored of the content, like  Beauty, Dance, Lip-sync, Songs, Cricket, Football, Dogs, Cats, cute pet, animal videos, Tech, Jokes, Trick, Challenge, Cooking, Bollywood, Fashion-style.

Now Let’s Look at some of the best Features of HiPi:

• HiPi app has lots of stickers, filters, and emoticons. You can use them in your video to be funny, sad, or romantic.

• HiPi presents videos in 10+ languages. You can see short videos in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and more!

• Make a short video and share it with your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram.

• HiPi video maker also includes access to popular tracks trending from a wide list of music albums. Dance videos- made easy.

• Create videos and hits viral, and you stand a chance to win cash prizes every week.

When it comes to short videos, HiPi has something for everyone.

For the creators, it offers a simple video maker interface – all you have to do is add your sound and graphics files before exporting to produce your own videos in minutes.

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For the viewers, HiPi’s platform makes it easier than ever to create short videos based on their interests using pre-selected content.

Simple steps to create short videos if you are getting started: 

– Download the Hipi short video app for free

– Make short videos by importing your sounds and graphics files

– Share short videos with friends on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media networks.

Do you need a short video creator in India? Or the best short video app in India? Look no further than the ‘HiPi’ short video app.

Here are some short videos you can create with Hipi short video creator:

– A short clip of your dog barking and a funny sound effect to make it better, shareable in social media networks like Facebook or Instagram

– Short clips from your favourite TV shows such as “Game Of Thrones” or any other short clips of your favourite TV show, to share with friends

– Short video from Bollywood movies which includes short sound effects and graphics. Simply add a song or sound effect on the Hipi short video app; it will create the complete short clip for you!

What are you waiting for? Install the best short video app in India, Hipi and start creating short videos, go viral, and get a chance to win a cash prize.

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