Honda Cars Price List -India 2015

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Honda Cars Price List -India 2015
Honda Cars Price List -India 2015

Find the Price list of Honda Cars in INDIA below.

Honda Mobilio V Opt i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 9,61,100

Honda Mobilio V Opt i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 10,63,700

Honda Mobilio V i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 9,06,100

Honda Mobilio V i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 10,08,700

Honda Mobilio S i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 7,80,100

Honda Mobilio S i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 8,92,700

Honda Mobilio RS Opt i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 11,73,700

Honda Mobilio RS i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 11,18,700

Honda Mobilio E i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 6,74,700

Honda Mobilio E i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 8,19,200

Honda jazz -Expected Specification: Rs. 7,56,455

Honda Freed 1.5 (Petrol): Rs. 7,50,000

Honda CR-V 2.4L 4WD AT (Petrol): Rs. 25,09,000

Honda CR-V 2.0L 2WD MT (Petrol): Rs. 21,90,000

Honda CR-V 2.0L 2WD AT(Petrol): Rs. 22,85,000

Honda City 1.5 VX MT (Petrol): Rs. 10,34,000

Honda City 1.5 VX MT (Diesel): Rs. 11,53,500

Honda City 1.5 VX CVT (Petrol): Rs. 11,42,500

Honda City 1.5 V MT (Petrol): Rs. 9,37,000

Honda City 1.5 V MT (Diesel): Rs. 10,55,500

Honda City 1.5 SV MT (Petrol): Rs. 8,78,500

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Honda City 1.5 SV MT (Diesel): Rs. 9,93,900

Honda City 1.5 SV CVT (Petrol): Rs. 9,81,500

Honda City 1.5 S MT (Petrol): Rs. 8,19,000

Honda City 1.5 S MT (Diesel): Rs. 9,40,500

Honda City 1.5 E MT (Petrol): Rs. 7,53,000

Honda City 1.5 E MT (Diesel): Rs. 8,75,000

Honda Brio VX MT (Petrol): Rs. 5,51,500

Honda Brio VX AT (Petrol): Rs. 6,30,900

Honda Brio V MT (Petrol): Rs. 5,12,000

Honda Brio S MT Exclusive Edition (Petrol): Rs. 5,00,473

Honda Brio S MT (Petrol): Rs. 4,78,400

Honda Brio EX MT (Petrol): Rs. 4,42,900

Honda Brio E MT (Petrol): Rs. 4,21,400

Honda Amaze 1.5 VX MT i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 7,75,500

Honda Amaze 1.5 SX MT i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 7,39,000

Honda Amaze 1.5 S MT i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 6,97,000

Honda Amaze 1.5 EX MT i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 6,52,500

Honda Amaze 1.5 E MT i-DTEC (Diesel): Rs. 6,20,500

Honda Amaze 1.2 VX MT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 6,87,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 VX AT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 7,78,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 SX MT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 6,48,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 S MT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 5,94,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 S AT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 6,95,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 EX MT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 5,55,000

Honda Amaze 1.2 E MT i-VTEC (Petrol): Rs. 5,18,900

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