Hot Jobs of 2017 – Update Your Resume Now

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According to 2017 global survey, we have come with some of best jobs at the moments.

Core Java professionals
There is one trend from the multiple surveys on the most widely used programming language worldwide is Java and JavaScript which still rule the coding world. Skilled Java professionals are always high in demand all over the world. Many Java jobs are available in the field of Application Development using Java EE technologies. Java Programmer salary in India is the most lucrative in the field of computer and Internet networking industry. The opportunities for java programmer is always open, taking adequate training to improve skills are mandatory to become eligible java programmer and grab the job.


IT professionals
IT offers many job profiles like software developer, software tester, hardware engineers, system designers, business management tools, project managers and BPO associates etc. This offers great scope for people in both technical and non-technical fields. There are various training and certification courses like PMP certification Chennai are available to enhance professional skills and grab the jobs.

Big Data
Big data is everywhere now, there is a huge demand for big data professionals globally. Hadoop professionals are wanted not only in IT sector but also in financial, banking, healthcare organization and many more. Hadoop job openings with various positions like Hadoop Developers, Hadoop Testers, Hadoop Architects and Hadoop Administrators. Hadoop is an open source framework to work with big data technology. This is a right time to do the Hadoop certification and use the opportunity to land in a good and high salaried job.

Data Scientist
The data scientist is considered as the hottest job in past some years. Data scientists are those who perform data science. That is performed research and analyses data and help companies flourish by predicting growth, trends and business insights based on a large amount of data available in Dataware house. Data science is more related to big data. They more deal with statistics and analytics. The data scientist is one of high paid job available worldwide.

Mobile Apps Developer
As large volume of people is using the smartphone for searching query, surfing, playing games and online shopping, the demand for apps is growing more and more. Skilled android app or iOS app developer are required by many companies. The present and future Mobile app development are great considered the current trends.

UX Designer
Nowadays a lot of attention is being paid to designing whether it is a product or a service, designing and executing its ecosystem such as its delivery methods, distribution, maintenance, after-sales, and so on. An innovative UX design specialists are in the search by many companies in IT, Entertainment and other business solutions.

Digital Marketing
The world is going digital, gradually traditional marketing is replaced by digital marketing and become mainstream. Digital marketing provides jobs as Search engine optimizers, Social media marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics and content marketing. With over 7 lakh jobs are available in India for Digital marketing, this job is found to provide a promised career.


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