How big is your carbon footprint?

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Even though many top companies have started calculating their carbon footprints, individuals are yet to do their part. Several eco websites offer carbon footprint calculators for you to measure. Your impact on the environment counts. Don’t wait until the climate change to impact you back. The results could be drastic. Remember that the temperature and ocean levels are rising and many species are under threat of extinction. You don’t need to panic if you start to act right now to protect the planet.

Well, what is a carbon footprint?  According to the UK Carbon Trust, carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that is emitted by a person, product, event, or organization. You can do your part by starting with reducing your carbon units at home and work. Here is what you can do:

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  • Switch off all the electrical appliances when not in use (from the bulbs to the AC and heater)
  • Don’t take long heater showers. Although it’s fun to have a relaxing shower bath, just keep toll on how much water you are consuming and how much fuel you are using for the heater to warm up
  • Lower your thermostat temperature in winter and higher during summer
  • Use cloth products in place of paper ones and try to use recyclable paper
  • Avoid drinking from Styrofoam or paper cups. Instead use your own cups at workplace or at home
  • Travel by public transport more often instead of driving. Its more stress free and fuel efficient

Even if doing these may seem hard at first, you’ll get used to it and think of how much energy you’ll be conserving. You’ll even be saving many species, which are on the verge of extinction.

Join instructors who have made over $338m in sales


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