How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life?

How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life? 1
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How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life? 2

How Can Wearing Protective Gear While Riding Save Your Life? 

Imagine the excitement of freedom a biker experience on a wide road. Their excitement knows no limit. Moreover, if it is summer when the roads are dry and there is no snow around, it makes a “the cherry on the top” scenario for them, as they don’t have to worry about any road hazard. However, there are many bikers who do not bother about wearing protective gear while riding, for unknown reasons (they might want to look cool). But not wearing gear does not make anyone cool. Even if you are an owner of the bike insurance, wearing the gears are still a necessity. Realizing their importance, the government has also mandated some gears to ensure the safety of two-wheeler drivers.

Importance of wearing gears while riding your two wheelers. 

Here we are going to compile a list of protective gear describing about their importance in order to save you from road hazards.


Helmets are hot and can be uncomfortable to wear. But they are one of the most important protective coverings that save you from head injuries and also have been mandated by the government. While driving two-wheelers, the head is most vulnerable to injuries, which can also cause traumatic brain injuries that can have severe and long term effects. Hence, it is a MUST for a two-wheeler driver to understand the fact and using a helmet while riding.


Most helmets come with a visor that works for protecting your face. In case your helmet doesn’t have a visor, you are advised to purchase one separately. Along with the visor, you can wear goggles that can save you from the direct sun rays, dirt, and other specs present in the air. Wearing goggles can shield you against the wind (which blurs the vision while riding). With a clear vision, you are less likely to be involved in an accident.

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Wearing gloves is equally important when you are riding a bike or two-wheeler as it can save your hands against blisters. You must wear the gloves that are perfectly fit in your hands, in order to increase the comfort level. They also resists the numbing of hands that most drivers experience during the long rides.

Jackets and Thick Pants

When you are unfortunately involved in an accident, a bike insurance can cover your medical expenses but it does not quick the healing process of your body. Therefore, the bikers must wear leather or any other tear-resistant material to protect their body from the injuries.


Footwear is one of the most underestimated gears that is never taken on a serious note by the riders. Many people wear sneakers or even slippers while riding, which can be quite dangerous for them. The bikers must consider buying over-the-ankle boots to avoid ankle injuries. Boots also protect them against road debris and weather conditions.

Now that you have read about the importance of protective gear, make sure you are wearing them next time you are riding the two wheeler. Moreover, an insurance can save your vehicle against many conditions, and if you are still thinking of buying a two wheeler insurance for your vehicle, do not delay as a third party insurance in mandatory in India and comprehensive plan insures the damages to your vehicle as well.

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