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The color is powerful because it plays with human emotions. Color tells a story, color change the mood and color is effective. Color deal with sub conscious mind and human instinct. We see different colors only because our brain interprets the wavelengths and frequency of light differently. And we only see color after the light hits our eyes.  Close your eyes and the color disappears.

Color has science and theory. In advertising, Color is one of the most important ways to influence consumers. Every color defines a meaning, Yellow physiologically represents happiness and joy. Blue represents knowledge and intelligence. Black represents power and evil however its use is associated with authority, boldness, elegance, and tradition. Red represents anger, leadership, and courage. Green can represent nature, health, vigor, and community. White symbolizes peace, purity, and simplicity. Color brings emotion into purchases as well. It affects our moods, emotions and what appeals to us. When choosing the color for design, it’s recommended to choose colors based on how they are perceived.

The meaning of color differs from one culture to another. While one color may have a positive connotation in one culture, that same color may have a negative connotation in another. It is something one must aware of while designing. In general, designers understand the need for consistency in color as color is a strong form of visual communication in a non-verbal way. Difference hues of color give different emotions.

The fewer hues used in a composition the easier the whole thing is to remember. Select two to three key colors and your message will sustain easier and longer in the minds of your audience. Most of the shoppers will look at the visual appearance of a company’s logo, website, brochures, or catalogs and then decide whether to make a purchase or not.

The designer’s role is to design with clear and understandable communication through the impact of color. In Printing technology like Printing in Sivakasi, very important that designs be printed use the CMYK (cyan, yellow, magenta, black) color space. CMYK represents the absorption of light, and when all the primary colors (red, green and blue) are combined, forms the black.

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The challenging task is to accurately reproduce colors on paper. Measuring color is subjective as color perception varies between individuals. There are many Factors that can influence the color perception of printout such as the difference in lighting environments, viewing angles and background color. choosing creative, descriptive and memorable colors can be an important part of making sure the color of the product achieves its biggest impact.

The slightest difference in the shade can create a completely different feel to a brand. color consistency and the psychology of color is key to brand recognition among customers. Technology is so much advanced that it reproduced millions of colors in Displays like TV, PC, and phones. The human could see and feel the different shades of color in wider color gamut. W could access to any color we can possibly think of.

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