How Corporate Logo is Important In Match Box – Beat The Competition

How Corporate Logo is Important In Match Box – Beat The Competition 1
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How Corporate Logo is Important In Match Box – Beat The Competition 2

There are two different types of matches in which one which are considered safe and the other which can be ignited by using any surface. But there is one main difference between both the matches that is the chemicals which are required to ignite are kept separated from each other. The only difference between safety matches and normal matches is that the match head of the normal matches contains the red phosphorus as well as an oxidizing agent and sulphur. It allows the match box to ignite on any surface when the friction creates the heat. On the other hand if the safety match is striked against the brick wall, there would be no ignition as there is no red phosphorus contained in the match head.

Ingredients in Safety Matches

The various important ingredients present in the safety matches include the different constituents which are that the match head contains an oxidizing agent which usually contains sulphur and potassium chlorate. These matches will not light up from normal friction and the chemicals will not ignite on their own. The striking surface contains the chemical needed for ignition of potassium chlorate and sulphur is red phosphorus. The match head contains the glue which binds the materials together and also serves as extra fuel. There is a layer of paraffin wax on the wooden stick which ensures that flame will burn down the stick. Powdered glass is one of the major ingredients of the match head and the striking surface.

How does safety match work?

When the match head strikes scratch pad, heat is created by glass on glass friction and this heat is enough to convert small amount of red phosphorus into vapor of white phosphorus. The white phosphorus although ignites spontaneously but it would be a short display. The potassium chlorate is decomposed by small amount of white phosphorus which liberates oxygen and as a result flame continues to burn. The oxygen combines with sulphur so that it may also start to burn. As a result, it ignites the wood of match. The paraffin matchstick provides better resistance in the windy conditions, burns longer and it comes in compact size, making it an ideal companion. Amazing protective features of safety matches makes it safer for everyone to be used inside the home. Thus, customers are highly satisfied and completely safe to buy safety matches for their use.

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Amazing Protective Features of Safety Matches

  • Longer Sticks
  • Stronger Sticks
  • Karborized

The corporate logo is very important on safety matches in order to know the rights, guidelines, policies and norms. These rights to information guidelines help to know and guide about different information’s about safety matches. All these products have the best quality and unique features which promotes the warmth, light and safety. The visual identity for any of the organization broadly consists of three important components as follows:

  • Logo
  • Type Style
  • Color Scheme

All these parameters are important for any organization to be perfectly designed as it gives the important messages and information’s to the customers about the organization and depicts about brand image of an organization.

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