How difficult is to find first job? Fresher’s Facts

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Nowadays, Job markets all over the world are changing and becoming more competitive. Fresh graduates who have searched for a job straight out of college knows how difficult it is to grab their first job. It has become really very hard and frustrating looking for jobs.

Preparing and sending resumes to hundreds of companies and at the end only to get a few interviews. Some are lucky enough to pass through the interview and land on their job while some unlucky to get it due to various reasons behind. This basically ends up in a scenario where college students cannot find a job after graduating colleges and therefore take up any job that comes their way and make them into a profession.

One of the major obstacles fresh graduates have to find a job is being scattered in the types of jobs they are looking for. They look at too many different career fields, types of positions or locations. Even if you don’t really know what you want to do, just pick and start looking for jobs in that field. Sometimes it is better to work for free for the top three companies you admire and provide them two to three months of your time, show them how valuable you can be, and you can expect a solid job offer because the company is impressed with your work. Many college graduates assume that their degree alone will qualify them for a job. With the world of business and profession increasing every day, companies require more and more resources at all levels, and that goes even for the positions that are perfect for a fresher. One of the greatest myths regarding getting a job is that you just must have to have the skills and knowledge updated. It is must to be good at certain skills in order to contribute something of valuable addition to a company.

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Learning additional skills will always be in your best interest in order to be more efficient, and if you can integrate well with that, you have got something good going for you. Generally, to approach for a job, your resume and cover letter act as first impression to the employer. Your writing does it all for you. So, spend some time to make it appear elegant and professional in a detailed and complete manner.

People with technical skills especially computer skills will always be in high demand. Although employers expect to provide training on job-specific software, they also expect employees to be proficient with basic computer skills and essential Internet skills, such as email, Web browsing and searching. It is recommended for fresh graduates to take additional professional courses like PMP certification etc.  to enhance their professional skills and make yourself well qualified person before presenting you to job interviews. Having said all these, expand your opportunities by searching companies and positions in vast field. Job searching isn’t easy especially when you don’t have much experience or many skills. Keep trying and keep applying and you will find a job.

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