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Being mentally charged results us with enormous productivity, no doubt about that all. When you feel positive and really calm within yourself then things tend to flow itself into its place. With all the technological advancements, we were constantly put up with notifications on all social media ranging from Whatsapp, Facebook up to LinkedIn and others. These interruptions can create a mood swing and negative vibes comes in no time. What is it that which can keep us stay self-motivated even during hard times? There is something which can keep you flowing, progressing, and making a change.

You’re Worried

Typically we tend to fall short of motivation then and there in our lives. Especially during hard times, say during a failure it is no easy to keep ourselves going with the flow. We tend to get anxious, worried and end up with nothing to do at all. This results in massive loss of productivity with our professional work and mental health. It keeps us within our comfort zone and not letting to trying anything to progress at all.

What is the Key for a change?

So during tough times, it isn’t about being self-motivated to keep the negative vibe out. We got to respect the negative vibes and question why we were at this situation. Say you couldn’t do something as you have expected and it results in getting anxious and ending up with depression sometimes. What is the key for a change then? Change itself is the key.

Yes, one cannot stay motivated during times like this as our brain is hardwired with thoughts to remind us about the things which went wrong. In order to keep yourself up and progressing, we must do something unusual. It isn’t going to be scary but just different what we would do on usual times. It can be triggered by either just going for a walk, talking about the issue which troubling us with whom we may trust to share with, or having a sip of a drink which could ease our mental pressures, etc. We got to get out of your room to get a glimpse of the sun and to breathe fresh air rather keeping ourselves into four blocks which will remind us the same old thing.

Boredom is a choice, stop choosing it

Let you hard times try to trouble you as much as it want and you don’t respond to it. Instead you may wear your Smart watch or Running Shoes or at least put on your branded headphone on and go outdoors. When you see people and breathe new air, it will relax yourself with the hard times and provides you with fresh thoughts on how to make a progress. Stressing about what happened will only lead to more stress, distance yourself from loneliness, negative media, social media updates for a period of time. You are the creator of your destiny not the people around you.

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