How Do You Turn From Zero To Hero In Computer Programming?

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Well, I believe you are already aware of the importance of learning computer programming else you wouldn’t be here reading this article. The internet technology has added a lot of values to our human and economic growth in several ways. All this is due to the invention of the Internet and there by the programming culture.

College students working in computer lab. (Hero Images/Getty Images)
College students working in computer lab. (Hero Images/Getty Images)

Anyone can become a computer programming irrespective of their career background. With the requirement amount of passion towards programming one can easily conquer the world of computer programming. Here are few real-life lessons on how to become a hero in computer programming.


Face Rejections:

Turn rejections into inspirations. The first step to conquer anything is to cope up with the rejection and ignore the fear or failing. This lets you to be your original self rather living just in your mind alone.

You will get rejected in interviews for getting a programmer role in any IT organization at first and those rejections will teach what you need to be learning and adding to your knowledge arsenal.

A successful programmer is not the one who got the job in his first interview but the one who faced lots of rejections and failures in many interviews. Life is all about experiences things rather than trying to conquer them.

Data Structures & Algorithms:

Technically speaking, as a beginner you will be required with the basic knowledge of data structure and algorithms. Start with the below mentioned resources to learn them and practice on them for your growth.

Problem solving skills:

You will be provided with endless amount of programming problems to be solved. Start with basic problem and eventually lay your hands on solving bigger problems. But have one thing in mind, the complex problem you invite yourself to work upon will yield the maximum growth in your programming skillset.

Listing the resources:

  1. There are many good books on algorithms, we would suggest Cracking the Coding Interview, CLRS .
  2. Start with hacker rank problems HackerRank(start with easy one)
  3. Top coder – Data Science Tutorials
  4. Interview Bit – Coding Interview Questions(you can even find questions for specific company here)
  5. Keep checking stack overflow data structure/ algorithms tag – Newest ‘data-structures’ Questions(You will find many new questions here, try to answer those, try to understand others’ answer.)
  6. Data Structures and Algorithms
  7. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python
  8. io – Find & share the best online programming courses & tutorials
  9. CMU algorithms wiki
  10. Learn about performance – Java Performance
  11. Learn about various concurrency models – Java Concurrency / Multithreading

At last, empower yourself to love the craft of programming. Without love to the craft it is not easy to become a hero. Computer programming have a vast amount of branches in them for anyone and to be really successful you have to be specific. Common roles are Web Designer, Web Development, Android Developer, Ethical Hacker and lots more. So choose which suits and eventually develop yourself on that particular role to stand out among the crowd. Do not let that to demotivate you, just figure your problems and segregate them into tiny portions to concentrate to specific problems.

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