How Does A Product Management Course Help In Building A Resume?

It’s never too late to learn.

Even when you have years of experience under your belt just with your existing skill set, you will find that the industry has moved aeons ahead in technology and interpersonal skills. As a result, there will be times you may find yourself unable to communicate with other clients, vendors, the new crop of team members or even contemporaries of your position.

This is the best time for you to invest in a course – online or offline – to augment your skills as a manager. And the best course for this is a Product Management course.

What is a Product Manager?

A Product Manager is a person who maps the path of the progress for a product. This means collaborating with multi-functional teams and experts to intersect their paths and define a strategy towards product success.

It is possible to become a product manager even without an experience going through the process. You could be a developer with an extraordinary level of creativity, or you could be a marketer with exceptional interpersonal skills. Maybe not even that, you could be an experienced professional interested in a change of routine from your current job.

Be that as it may, it is always a good idea to add product manager to your resume and harness those skills hidden deep within yourself.

How Does A Product Management Course Help In Building A Resume? 1

What is a Product Management Course?

A product management course consists of various lessons that help build on the skills that a product manager must possess to succeed in the position. This involves both technical skills and soft skills. This course can be useful for a new graduate or even a seasoned professional. In fact, as a seasoned professional, there are more chances of understanding the subject matter by connecting the lessons to the real situations experienced in the course of professional life.

A product management course is designed to boost your self-esteem and trust your instincts with the honing provided by the course. Adding this to your resume can boost your chances of moving up on your career ladder.

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Core Competencies of a Product Manager

During the product management course, the professional is taught the essential know-how of how product management work and what are the product manager’s responsibilities:

  • Defining the product profile
  • Determining the product strategy
  • Understanding the customer’s requirements and expectations from the product
  • Assigning the resources for the design and development of the product
  • Running trials to test the product operation and design
  • Collaborating with the designers, developers, marketers and customers to get everyone on the same page and charting a course of development.

While most of the skills sharpen with experience and time, a product management course is the best method to get introduced to them and evaluate your standing.

On the education side, irrespective of your aptitude for product management, you will still require a basic Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar field. If you are educated in marketing, statistics, economics or such subjects, then all the better because these will help you understand the markets and their working in a better manner.

But if you don’t have that specific education, not to worry. Just the willingness to learn will do for now. Remember that the product management course helps you understand the following components that come together in the process:

  • Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Customers
  • Ideas
  • Marketing

Completed the Product Management Course. Now What?

By the time you have completed the product management course, you would have realised that you now have a whole new level of perspective towards understanding the product, the elements that lead towards its success and where you stand in the picture.

It will also give you a hazy direction as to where your career path now leads you to. With your shiny new resume as a product manager, there are many options to explore which can be classified into two basic scenarios – the start-up or the big company

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If you have never worked for a start-up and would like to try it out as a launchpad of your career as a product manager, then you will find that there is a lot of freedom to try new ideas and flexibility of utilising the resources. Because there are no precedents to many situations occurring in the company, you will have the power to affect some high-level decisions of the company. But that can also prove to be quite risky. Unprecedented situations mean no mentorship, which means that you may not have anyone to look up to or guide you on handling a situation. Also, the flip side of having a lot of freedom to think and ideate is that the company may not always have the budget to fund your ideas and there may be limited resources.

Working for a bigshot company may seem like a secure option for some, as every situation has a precedent, and there is a set procedure to tackle a situation at hand. Every scenario has been handled before, and your decisions and ideas will always be compared to someone else’s. This leaves you with very little flexibility to perform and may not be as fulfilling, even with all the security.

Building the Product Manager Resume

Now it is time to update your resume to look like a product manager resume. For that, you will have to highlight the skills that you excel in for each stage of the product management process. There are high chances that you had already experienced some instances even before you enrolled for the product management course or even thought of upgrading yourself.

Here are some tips to tweak your existing resume into a product manager resume:

  • Think back to all the years of experience in a different profile using the lens of a product manager, and you will find that you have actually been instrumental as one, even when you didn’t know it.
  • Open up your resume and now tweak it to reflect the situations in your career that show you as an effective product manager.
  • Highlight your skills in marketing, planning and sales department
  • Attend product related events and add your experience in the product management resume.
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As mentioned in the beginning, it is never too late to learn. Even if you are happy with the current profile and only wish to upgrade yourself, a product management course can prove to be very instrumental in providing a fresh outlook to your career and polish on your resume.

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