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Globalization is the increasing interaction of people, states, or countries through the growth of international flow of money, ideas and culture says Wikipedia. When the world is worried about global warming there is something changing all our lives without much sound or noise.

Globalization is the thing, thanks to the internet and modern-day technologies which helping us connect with people located far away in seconds. If at all you want to keep up with the growth race and stabilize yourself as the top player you should enrich your knowledge to globalization. The easiest thing you can do about this is to learn a foreign language. If you can make friends with several other foreign nationalists and vice versa, then there will be no war between countries at all.



Globalization elevates our thinking pattern and brain cells to gain more knowledge and eventually results in happiness. There is a beautiful world present beyond all the ISIS attacks and negative portrayal of about Donald Trump (Debatable though). We have started to connect with people with same interests not just in our locality but from other countries too.

Internet applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others helping us in making friends and enrolling a college degree from an international country or island. The world has become truly small due to these technological advancements.

You can get to know a lot of information outside your traditional upbringing like getting to know about diverse culture, new people with unique beliefs and interests. While we all were chopping tomatoes for eating purposes, there in Spanish they also use it for a festival named ‘La Tomatino’ to spread happiness and love among total strangers.


There is nothing wrong in staying as you are, but if you can do a little more to involve yourself into globalization intentionally then it may result in new perspective of living your life.

Think about communicating with Japanese friend who loves to play the same PC game you are passionate about.

In order to enlarge knowledge curve and happiness you should learn a foreign language. With the availability of internet tools, you can learn a new language as easy as reading a novel. Start with Spanish which is the very easy language in the world to learn. Click Here to buy the easy to learn Spanish book and become a global player.


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