How Not To Ruin Your Event: How to Successfully Take Your Business Event Online

Businesses have been moving their operations online in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Some firms have discovered that they can conduct all of their business activities from the comfort of their own homes.

However, some activities are unquestionably more effective done in person. You might be wondering if it’s feasible to run your business event online after hearing so many complain about Zoom fatigue.

How Not To Ruin Your Event: How to Successfully Take Your Business Event Online
How Not To Ruin Your Event: How to Successfully Take Your Business Event Online

Yes, that’s correct! All you have to do now is carefully consider everything. Here’s how to turn your business gathering online and make it a success.

Don’t Adopt In-person Event Format

A lot of people who do events offline also do them online. This is just like how you can take ideas from other things that have happened, but you need to understand that people will not be as patient and focused online as they would be in person.

The most important reason to attend business events is the opportunity to network. The networking aspect of these gatherings is extremely difficult to replicate online, therefore you must offer a compelling incentive for potential visitors.

You should also have outstanding event facilitators who will ensure that people are engaged and interested.

Think About What You Want to Achieve

Live events differ from other forms of networking in that the social aspect is enough to attract people and pique their interest. When it comes to online gatherings, you must first determine exactly what you want to achieve with them. Do you want to broaden your reach? Establish trust? Begin a discussion?

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your event, you may go about planning how to achieve it. You’ll also be able to inform people why they should come. With so many online meetings taking place these days, you need to be convincing if you want them to sit through another one.

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Pick Your Platform Carefully

There are numerous factors to consider before selecting your platform. There are several video conferencing solutions available, and the proper one may be difficult to choose. While many are free, you may pay for premium services that will provide you with more alternatives and make your occasion seem more professional.

There are many more possibilities for paid services, which will allow you to customize your event even further and make it seem more professional.

If your target demographic includes individuals who haven’t used similar software before, you must be especially cautious. It’s critical to put attendees at ease.

Prepare Well in Advance

Because there are so many logistical details to consider when hosting an online event, you should begin planning early. Even if the gathering is more low-key, you must prepare a program because it may fall flat otherwise.

Do you have any guest speakers planned? Make a list of all the speakers and plan their introduction well ahead of time. If they’ll need to utilize special equipment, be sure they know how to use it. Establish a deadline so that no one gets too worked up.

What specific tasks would you include? What do you imagine they will look like? What is your backup plan if a section doesn’t work out as expected?

Know How to Promote Your Event

Once you’ve figured out the date and time of your event, it’s critical to get the word out. You may send email invites, promote the event on your social media accounts, use paid marketing, announce it on your website, and more to do so.

Make your registration form simple and quick to complete, and be clear about what the event is about. You may even give attendees a taste of things to come. For example, you might include some interview snippets or quotations from the guest speakers in your program.

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Regardless of the marketing methods you choose, make sure to remind your potential guests about the event with a post or two every day so that they don’t forget about it.

Make It Easy to Follow

In a digital world, we find it much more difficult to maintain focus, which is why you should make your event as structured and concise as possible. To begin with, you must break the presentation down into smaller, more manageable pieces so that people do not fall asleep.

Nobody wants to listen to an hour-long presentation, no matter how informative it may be. In fact, keep any speeches under 15 minutes for optimum impact. When you get the chance, vary the activities on the screen, as well as the speakers and whatever is going on there. Involve your audience whenever you can.

If people remember the time after your event and say, “Wow, that passed by really quickly!” it was a success.

Engage With Your Attendees & Involve Them

Depending on the situation, it might be more or less difficult to get people involved. Nonetheless, that interactivity is critical for your event’s success. An event is not the same as a lecture; even lectures are becoming more participatory these days.

If there is no open debate, you may set aside some time for a Q&A, as an example. You could also include some polls to obtain immediate knowledge of the attendees’ interests and preferences. Gamifying certain elements of the event can make it more interesting and engaging.

If you don’t engage the attendees, there’s a good chance they’ll become bored and angry.

Try to Predict Any Technical Challenges

Once you’ve figured out the technological demands of your event, think about any potential technical difficulties and problems that may arise. You’ll undoubtedly encounter at least a few hiccups now, but learn how to overcome them.

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For example, speakers could give up on using video and instead only use a slideshow.

The attendees might also create problems. Perhaps some of them are unfamiliar with similar tools. You may use that function to avoid a cacophonous clamor of voices if you can silence them yourself as they join in, for example.

Make sure to utilize all of the features of the tool before you use it, and if there are any issues, contact their technical support ahead of time. They’ll assist you in setting up your online event and getting everything prepared.


This article has provided you with the knowledge to successfully take your business event online. Whether you’re planning an online conference or webinar, use the advice outlined here to bring your audience together and create a memorable experience.

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