How Office Veterans Work Along with Youngest Peers? Tips to Bridge Generational Divide

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Communication accidents among generations inspire rolling eyes on both sides. Between family and friends, this could mean that a millennium tells the nature about how well the internet culture, or the lack of technical power of the Youngest Peers.

Tips to Bridge Generational Divide

In the last few years, a lot has been done with “great shift change”, because the child’s boomers retire in an increasing number. Most members of Generation X are now in middle-care, but due to some specifications of recruitment over the past 25 years, they are substantially less represented in numbers in terms of numbers.

We are people who insist on understanding everything in detail.  Some of these are due to our initial risk of computer technology. We remember the days of monochrome CRT and DOS-based programs, and we remember how difficult it was to master and work with these newborn technologies. Call us “pre-user-friendly generation” We live with and without these technological advances, and as a humiliating few millenniums, we can still solve problems with pen and paper.

Millennial is different because we have been told many times. They are technical natives and trust technology contained. The one-on-one relationship where a Boomer Senior Engineer creates a deliberate connection with a millennium engineer for two-way knowledge transfer. Yes, experienced engineers help young people to get in touch with their jobs, but the profit is more when two participants, especially Boomers can see traditional teacher/student relations.

True cooperation is the key to success. When we were boomers in our 20’s, we did not always trust our elderly, or at least we did not think that we were too much to learn from them. This is not the case in most millennia. They really appreciate the opportunity to talk to an experienced person and dissolve the knowledge – provided Boomer is not sensational, inhuman or harsh. Boomer consultants should guide the young engineer more thoroughly to look at the circumstances and to dig deep for understanding, as the consultant has done through his career.

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This kind of engagement cannot be compelled. Challenges for companies and individuals, while reducing the point of friction, take advantage of the various powers of different generations.  For successful knowledge transfer, both sides require an open mind. The young engineer should be interested in hearing this when honored by a person who can make the members of this new generation very creative, in fact, they are often, especially when they are the latest to prepare innovative solutions.

The techniques are implemented. Millennium knowledge will be heard and absorbed. The consultant should be treated the same way in the same way, As the consultant explains his thought process, the millennium will begin to understand new approaches to the challenge. Deep knowledge will develop, and maybe even friendship. The advisor should give qtp training in Chennai ask questions and present ideas when appropriate, with the knowledge that he should often say that “It feels great, and I like what you have done


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