How project managers lead IT industry to success – PMP key insight

Project Manager play a significant role in completing a project successfully within the time period and available resource. The roles and responsibility of a project manager is very high. He is the person who keeps all the elements of a project together and responsible for managing and delivering the project.

The individual leads and manages the project team, with authority and responsibility to run the project on a day-to-day basis. A project management capability is a knowledge area that a project manager should possess in order to achieve project success. Manger should make proper estimation and assumptions. Planning is key, it determines the time frame and required resource to run a project.


This includes design and development, management of financial resource, human resource and day to day business operation to achieve business goals. This type of planning includes the ability to solve unpredictable obstacles in future. Improper planning lead to project completion delay or sometimes to project failure. Project Manager must posses Leadership skill in business employment.

It is the process of inspiring and motivating employees to achieve a common goal. They cultivate and maintain strong relationship with investors, vendors, employees and customers. A successful leader will have the ability to build team with positive approach and assigning responsibility to complete their task effectively.

They also oversee conflict and find resolution. Becoming a good project manager requires a number of specific skills like business management skills, communication skills, problem solving skills etc. He is responsible to build and sustain effective communications with team members involved in the project.

He should have Team-building ability for integrating people coming from different department with different background to work together. The project manager should be properly trained and experience individual in project management techniques and processes. Leadership based on behavior or style: different projects require different leadership styles.

Due to this, the project managers should use those attributes and to that extent which are required for the given project like empowerment. He should have a vision to emphasizes the importance of personal characteristics and leading by examples and to emphasizes the importance of realizing the plans via bonuses and reaction to deviations.

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The project manager should possess certain competencies like emotional competencies in order to achieve project success. Emotional intelligence is the key for project success, thus project managers should apply it during the management of projects.

It inevitably seems that project managers have a considerable impact on projects and a key role in achieving project success. Whether a small or big project, a project manager is must in take in charge of all activates related to project and increase productivity. To get deeper knowledge and expand their vision, many young and experienced project manager take on courses like PMP certification Chennai to enhance their skills and keep them updated to current management techniques to face bigger and complex project challenges. Taking this kind of certification program improve individual growth as well as company’s growth.

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