How should you talk to your baby: Boost your baby’s brain?

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It is tough to imagine that babies understand what their parents are talking? All pediatrics guide parents to keep talking to their baby’s as they know what their parents are trying to tell, even though they might not understand fully. It is very crucial for a sound and healthy mental development for any baby.


Why is it important?

Psychological experts have to say that even though a baby’s physical mind has not developed as yet, but their subconscious is all open to the outside environment. They recommend parents to talk to their babies just like they would speak with anyone else. As said earlier, they might not understand what you are saying, but slowly and unconsciously, they will start understanding what you are saying. It is so because even though the language ability is at the conscious level, while the meaning of what you say (you may also call it information) can be accepted at the subconscious level.


Any conscious mind works like a shield or as a filter around the subconscious mind. Any information it gets is processed or filtered by the conscious mind. From one point of view, we are more protected than a baby because our conscious mind allows information which we are willing to accept. From the other end of view, we can hardly change our subconscious mind which ultimately is the decider our fate – live or die, emotionally stable or weak, succeed or fail or be rich or poor.


It is essential that we develop a healthy and strong unconscious mind of our babies. And the best time to do so when you are a baby. You need to be careful about what you are talking to your baby. Try to speak about positive things and positive attitudes and avoid being negative at any cost. Your baby’s unconscious mind will grasp what you tell him or her to become. The brain of the baby develops in a positive frame in this manner.

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Read what the doctors at the best pediatric hospital in Chennai have to tell on this:-


–    Baby’s love was listening to a human voice. Start reading to them as early as you can. It might be that they hardly understand anything, but it can have beneficial effects on their brain.


–    Get them used to your language and everyday conversation. Talk to them whenever you can – while bathing them or even while feeding them.


–    The more you speak to them, the better it is for their mental and overall development. Make sure you devote enough time to reading and singing to them.


–    Involve them. If you are reading them a book, involve them in turning pages. They will learn at a very young age that you read from left to right. It is a way to develop their brain power.


–    Keep it short and brief. They neither can grasp too much nor do they have the patience for anything longer. Keep it crisp and short, and they will understand better.


Early childhood education is the key to be a successful person and healthy development of a baby. Make your baby a successful person with his progress from his old ages by talking to them.







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