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Becoming a genius is of course no easy task. This do not stop you from trying to achieve genius within you. Being genius is not a race as there can be multiple winners rather than just one. How to become a genius? Let’s reverse engineer. What are the qualities appreciated in genius people? People like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking are considered to be geniuses.

Source: brainstormeveryday
Source: brainstormeveryday

These people continuously consume knowledge, information regardless of whatever other work they have got. Here we suggest you a simple 10-minute hack-a-day to become genius in a short period of time.


With the Internet technology, we humans are connected to one another in unimaginable ways. Ignore those negative post displaying the complete opposite. Do you know the secret to have a successful life?

It is by having a peace of mind. Likewise, to have a healthy and lasting relationship you need to positive in your approaches. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”, a lovely quote.


The beauty of genius is to initially find what you love. I understand that I am slightly sounding like “Steve Jobs”. Do not clutter your mind with the distractions, you can always choose what you have to consume. It all depends on your mindset. Bill Gates by the age of 10 completes reading every other book that comes into his eyesight. The true beauty of genius it to use your brain rather just the Internet all the time.

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Limit the hours spent on Internet and smartphone devices, allocate specific schedule to what would like to do on it. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and many such greats utilized their brain. You got to use your brain to think about things.


James Altucher a famous entrepreneur, blogger, investor tells to write 10 different ideas every single day. It can be of anything. When you do this for straight three months, then eventually you will become a genius by yourself.

You potentially become the idea machine. Just de-clutter yourself from everything and just sit down to think on ideas and writing it down immediately. Never mind whether the idea works or sucks, just write down if you believe it is great.

I believe that by now itself you have started using your brain to think, on what topics those 10 ideas could be on? Can I really get 10 different ideas a day? Of course you are going to suck for the first week but believe me you will feel truly confident and successful when you are disciplined to sit down and do this for a long period of time.




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