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Musically requires no introduction as it became a sensation long ago and continues to stay the same. Pro musically creators creating awesome short videos and sharing with the world. Wondering how to turn yourself into a musically sensation? Here we have brought you the top secrets on how to create awesome musically videos. This is your gateway to get more likes and followers on this entertaining platform.

Musically has certainly become a handy tool to showcase your unique skill and make it big in this beautiful world. How to make your musically video different from others? There are millions and millions of people around the world making videos in it. If you want your video to stand out then it has to focus on lot many things rather just the lip syncing.

You must take care of the lighting, video angle, your body movement, etc. There are these secret gadgets which not many are aware but this is what top creators are using all day. You can also use it to create awesome musically videos as they are cheap, lightweight, easy to use at any environments.

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PERFECT LIGHTING – Portable Selfie Beauty LED Ring Light

The Selfie Ring Light helps you to create the perfect lighting for your videos. It is so cheap; available at just around Rs. 300. This is a lightweight, high quality plastic, durable and shockproof gadget suitable for both android and iPhone. It has 3 different levels of brightness produced by 36 highlight LED bulbs for creative photography and videography. This is something you should definitely have if you want your viewers to be engaged in your video rather getting skipped. Buy Now

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Have you noticed those little movements of hair at your face in top videos? Those little movements make the scene very natural and keep the viewer engaged at the scene. Create that effect with this Mini SLR Camera Shaped Fan gadget, costs you just under 250 rupees. If you are creative enough then this can be used as a multipurpose gadget to showcase on your work desk, cool yourself to some extent when there is power cut, and a lot many. Buy Now

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BETTER VIDEO ANGLES – Mobile Holder & Mount Stand

Truly a handy gadget with flexible mobile holder & mount stand for just Rs. 289. You no longer need to hold your phone while creating a video, just place it into the holder and mount it anywhere you want. You can place it on the table/desk, while cooking the kitchen, driving in the car, while walking down the stairs, and anywhere your creativity lets you. Better video angles help to effectively convey the story to your viewers. Buy Now @ Rs.239

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