How to Build a Landing Page for Higher Sales Conversion?

landing-page-essentials-5So, you are ready to sell your products and all your marketing strategies and tactics are in set. Your paid search ads in going on; Facebook ads are very responsive with lots of traffic; your sites pages are well optimized and generates natural search for customer. So, what else remaining, guys? I know this is probably a fantastic situation, but let’s go with some interesting tweaks.

At some point of instance, people are visiting your site and for some reason you’re not seeing your sales numbers move at all for further. What will do at this case? Should you throw up your hands and conclude that your marketing doesn’t work? Not yet. As the business owner, you can’t afford to waste time, you need to use the best tools for the business success. Walk through every step of your success funnel and bring your visitor to the actual paying customers in one convenient spot – ClickFunnel. To get this journey up, landing pages are no exception.

So, what is landing page?

Well, landing page is the first page (first impression) that visitors see after clicking on your banner ad, PPC ad or promotional emails. A landing page is created exclusively to direct visitors to take a specific action such as making a purchase, completing a registration or subscribing to your mail list.

Simply, your landing page pretty much describes the success of your ad campaign. Yes, good landing page = good ROI and the crappy landing page means you’re just needlessly wasting your money. So, how your landing page will looks like?

Once you’re up and running, it’s just a matter of performing A/B tests until you land on the magic formula that brings in those conversions. We’ll give you all the tools you need to make a start, and then it’s up to you to take things from there.

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But first, here is one of the best landing pages I have seen far. It’s for Nigella Lawson, the famous chef.H1 It’s actually carrying two conversion goals in one simple design,

(1) First, it’s promoting her tour, an intimate evening with Nigella Lawson. It contains a simple headline, a brief description, and a strong CTA.

(2) Underneath is another call to action, this one for looking up recipes, which is why many people probably come to her site in the first place.

Overall, it contains all of the effective elements of good landing page design, which we’ll get to. Let’s design the best landing pages for your business, grab these tips and be unique among others.

Create an Eye-Catchy Headline

Probably, a killer headline is the first thing that strikes visitors when they arrive on your landing pages. It sparks your visitors initial interest and keeps them on the page for at least two seconds and it entice them to look further because it’s hooked and has the ability to spoken to them directly.

  • Writing a headline is a bit of a science, yet to help you out, here are the elements of a strong headline.
  • Inform your visitor what your product is all about. It need to be crystal clear and don’t be vague.
  • It needs to be relevant and empathy. What’s your prospects’ biggest problem? Show them that you understand.
  • You can also experiment with sub-headlines where you expand on the main headline. You could add, for example, two or three extra sentences of copy that reinforce your claim.

Add Crucial Visual Image

Next to the headline, a landing page is nothing without images. Usually, images convey emotion and show people what your product looks like or even how it works. Images also break up text and add a crucial visual dimension to your landing page.

Indeed, stats have shown that the human brain process images 60,000 times faster than text. This means that the things that instantly catch their attention are your headline and your main picture. When you nail them both and combine them effectively, you’ve got a winner.

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Here’s a great example who uses an image on their landing page of a happy couple. Rather than a typical picture of a “sold” sign on the front yard, this one, instead, capitalizes on the emotions of relief and happiness that you’ve successfully and easily sold your house.


Show Your Offers

Ever been talking to a salesperson on the phone and getting bewildered on what they were even offering you? It’s a frustrating waste of time. And it’s the same when a prospect lands on your page and can’t decipher what you’re offering. Put simply, your landing page needs to contain a very clear offer.

So while you’re working on your copy, always focus on brevity and clarity. Use straightforward language that your target audience understands. Don’t leave people second guessing. Yes, for example, if you write something like “we’re everything you need” in your headline, the reader might be asking, “what is everything I need?” In this case, you should create bullet points that tell the reader everything they need and how you can provide that for them.

Here “Uber” shows off the very clear example on how they give freebies for their prospective customers. They explained their offer clearly and succinctly- “earn money on your schedule, drive when you want, and earn what you need” and a CTA that says “sign up now”.

How to Build a Landing Page for Higher Sales Conversion? 1

Flourish With CTA Option

The call to action generally comes at the end of your body copy. It’s placed at the bottom of your landing page and its sole purpose is to tell the prospect exactly what they should do next. There can be no confusion – you need to be direct with the language of your CTA.

Use first person language like “claim my free e-book now” creates an important sense of ownership, while “Sign Up for Free” is as direct as you can get. Plus, it highlights the fact that the site visitor doesn’t have to spend any cash for this. “Free” is always a great word that can boost conversions.

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Here is a example, after clicking Hootsuite’s ad, you’re taken to a simple landing page with a very clear message, one call to action and incentives to try it. It prompts the user to initiate the “free trial” at which point you capture their information.


Wrapping up

For all lead generating efforts, landing pages are an awesome hub! What are you waiting for? You have now filled your creative mind with useful tips and tricks it’s time to create your own. Increase your sales funnel and be the successful entrepreneur by overnight. Look at this webinar and uncovered new sales strategy to boost your business right now.

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