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How to Build Your Self Confidence Level

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Self Confidence is an important trait which everyone must possess. It is said to be combination of self-efficacy and self-esteem. It is an inner-feeling that reflects one’s belief in him/her. It can be well seen in the way he/she walks, shakes hand, initiates a conversation and so on. Without self-confidence, one cannot complete a task and prove his/her talents. So, developing the level of self-confidence is a must to stay unique and attractive in this world.

Unfortunately, this quality can be altered only by one’s self interest. There are no pre-defined algorithms to develop your confidence level. Here are some tips to increase your self confidence.

1) Analyse Yourself:

First make a detailed self study about yourself. Try to know what are your fears, weakness, dislikes, where your fall back, what makes you feel insecure and other such attitude. It is also equally important to know your positive characters, what is attractive in you, what is unique about you. Knowing your strength and weakness helps you to reach great heights.

2) Eliminate Your Weakness:

Now you clearly know where you fall back. Start working on it. All your weakness cannot be eradicated over a night. It is a long duration programme but for sure you can experience an everlasting result.

3) Trust Yourself:

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Start believing in yourself. If you are sure of t at you are doing things in correct manner, then don’t listen to what others say about it. Don’t give-up in the middle. Complete it successfully and prove mockers that you are right.

4) Motivate Yourself:

Read motivational books and stories. Scriptures of all regions speak about how to carry you and tackle situation with confidence. Notice real life examples. There are many achievers around us. Learn from their lives. You would have crossed many hurdles in your past. Remember every incident and implement what you have learnt in future.

5) Share with Your Well Wishers:

When you lose hope speak with your good friends about the problem. They can come out with a simple solution. Trust people around you. When you tell your problems to others you might also find a solution. You can also write down everything in a sheet of paper and read it. Now, you will be seeing the problem as a third person. So, you can handle it in a better way.

6) Positive Attitude:

When someone points out a mistake in you, accept it. Never retract immediately. Error is human. Work on your mistakes silently and prove them your ability when you get the chance.

7) Be Cheerful:

Be happy always. Never get upset. Don’t take everything to your mind. Have a smile on your face and stay relaxed.



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