How to Clean Your Window Glasses?

How to Clean Your Window Glasses? 1
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How to Clean Your Window Glasses?

How to Clean Your Window Glasses? 2

A good ventilated building will always have plenty of windows. As beautiful as the building might look from the outside, it is as difficult to maintain with the cleaning of windows. Fear not, because cleaning window glasses aren’t as big a deal as it seems. It’s more about using the right tools rather than the right techniques. A thorough cleaning of your windows bi-yearly must suffice to keep your windows aesthetically pleasing and well, also make you feel better if you are a part of the cleanliness paranoia league. Let’s move ahead and see how you can make it happen.

  1. Cleaning Solution

First and foremost, it is necessary to have the cleaning solution ready. Though there are many window cleaning solutions available our job is to make the process cost-effective, hassle-free and efficient, so we will go by making a solution of our own. It can be easily prepared by mixing 5 ml of dishwashing liquid with around 5 litres of water. A mixture of equal quantities of water and vinegar also calls for an effective cleaning solution. Adding a little amount of corn-starch to the solution helps prevent streaks on the window.

  1. Getting Rid of The Big Stains First

It is initially important to get rid of the larger stains on the window like bird droppings or minerals that might have settled down over a period and have hardened. The first thought that rushes to our minds is to scratch it out but that might not be the best idea unless you wish to render your windows scratched and untidy. The best way to overcome this would be to spray a cleaner that contains oxalic acid or vinegar and leave it for a while. Then use a sponge to get rid of the stain effortlessly.

  1. Removing Stickers

Decorating around the house or just putting up some signs on the windows always come in handy but when the time is to remove we often regret our decisions of sticking them in the first place. Hopelessly, we then have to peel off the stickers which then leave behind its glue stuck on windows which is ugly and disheartening. It is good that water still does the trick for us. Just spray some water on the sticker and relax for a while. Then, use a scraper and slowly remove the sticker. Wipe the remaining water with a cloth.

  1. Don’t Leave Them Wet
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Our job while cleaning windows doesn’t end after we have wiped them clean with the cleaning solution and rinsed it with water. It is equally important to pat the windows dry as dust and dirt is more attracted to wet surfaces than dry. Bigger cities have a lot of dust, like mirrors in Sydney can catch up dust in no time. You can spend a day cleaning your windows and make it invisible for as far you know, but if you don’t end it right by drying them off, all your hard work goes down the drain within minutes. Use a separate dry cloth to finish the job on good terms.

  1. Using Clean Tools

Lastly, we often use old ragged clothes for any cleaning purpose around the house. Though it might be a good idea while cleaning your bikes where there is a lot of grease, it is a very bad idea for cleaning windows. Dirty clothes in the first place will not deliver the shine your windows deserve and secondly will often leave behind smell and dirt from the cloth itself. Instead, use a nice microfiber cloth or a soft clean sponge for this purpose. Additionally, a rubber squeegee could prove to be really helpful as it can scoop off liquids in one go without having to keep rubbing on it. Your daily newspaper also does a decent job.

It is not very tough to maintain a clean window and that now we have seen some of the most efficient tips to make them shine, we can be sure of a cleaner window and much lesser worries. Be sure to not waste much water in the process, as a contribution on your part for our planet Earth as a conservationist.

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