How to Convert a USB Flash Drive to a Bootable Drive



Reading Time: 2 minutes

In recent days, many are switching to netbook. Compared to laptop, it is compact and lightweight. But netbook does not come with a DVD drive. If the preloaded operating system is corrupted or it is not the OS of your choice, then installing OS becomes a little complicated task. You need an external disk drive to boot from CD. There is also another hassle -free option – boot from your USB flash drive. But the USB flash drive can’t be used as such. It has to be first converted into bootable.

To load OS, you need a USB flash drive with minimum of 4 GB capacity. Below are the simple steps to convert a USB flash drive into bootable.


1) Plug in the USB flash drive to the USB port of your desktop.

2) Right click on the USB flash drive and click format option. Format it in the NTFS file system.

3) Click the ‘Start’ button. Go to ‘All programs’. Then click ‘Accessories’. In that click ‘Command Prompt’.


Type ‘CMD’ in the search menu in Start and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


Open RUN (press windows key + R), type ‘CMD’ and hit Enter.

4) Type the following in the Command Prompt.

DISKPART (then hit Enter)

LIST DISK (then hit Enter)

Now all the disk number will appear on the command prompt.

5) Type the disk number of USB drive which you want to convert. Then, it will display the disk number you have selected.

6) Type ACTIVE in the command prompt. This command will make your device active. The command prompt will now display that the partition you have selected is active.

7) Now Type EXIT to exit the command prompt.

8) Insert the CD/DVD disk containing the OS into the optical drive.

9) A boot sector must be created on the USB flash drive. The ‘bootsect.exe’ has to be installed to get it done. You can find it in the boot directory on the OS files.

10) Again open command prompt and type the following:

E: CD BOOT (then hit Enter. Here E is the CD drive location, replace it with the location of your CD/DVD drive location)
CD BOOT (then hit Enter)

‘BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H:’ (here H is the location of the USB flash drive. Replace it with the location of your USB flash drive)

11) Copy all the contents of your CD/DVD to the USB flash drive.

Now you can install OS from your USB flash drive.