How to create a better and beautiful makeup for Halloween

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Tips for Halloween make up and what is the better way to dress than a mysterious Gothic dark angel. Add drama to your entire look with a chestnut or raven hair teamed up with perfect dark gothic clothing and look out of the world just like Motricia Addams with these simple easy to follow Gothic makeup ideas.

Halloween  – Awe ‘em all with your gothic makeup!

Are you ‘dying’ to achieve that mysterious ‘Goth girl’ look for the Halloween? You don’t have to be a devil worshiper or a blood-drinker to be a true-blue Goth. Goths are just deep thinkers who listen to Goth music. If you can do these two things you sure can pull off Goth make-up easily. Well, it is really simple if you follow some basic Gothic makeup ideas. For all aspiring Goths out there, although Goths don’t always wear black, the deep color sure is an integral part of their wardrobe and make-up kit.

The Vampy Whiteface

The typical Gothic whiteface is immensely popular ever since the Cullen family came into existence. So to create that pale, blood-drained effect, bear in mind that minimal is the key. Vampire makeup requires avoiding blushes of any kind and using more of sun block, foundation, and powder. The only thing is the foundation and powder has to be a shade lighter than your skin-tone. Before applying foundation, completely moisturize your face and remove all the toxins from your pores to look pale and pure.

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The Smokey-Dreamy Eyes

Well, the eyes are the most interesting part of Gothic make-up, even more than the Gothic Halloween costumes. You can experiment with a lot of passionate colors like raven black, blood red, and deep purple. Use eye shadows any of these colors and shade your entire under-eye area especially beneath your lower rims. At the end of the eye-lids smudge it softly, by using a tissue or even your hands to get that unfinished look.

The Blood thirsty Lips

Though black plays the key in most Gothic make-up, it’s better to choose a lip color that complements your eye shadow and your Gothic clothing. However pale your eye-makeup is, go for luscious bright colors like red, plum,  maroon, purple, or even charcoal for that daring effect.

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