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Most important things for a brand is a name, slogan and a perfect slogan to with it. Promoting is the key to reach out to customers about your product. It is about creating an innovative and creative way to reach the customers. In our today’s world, we have digital marketing and non-digital marketing.  Digital marketing includes social media and advertising on the internet. Mostly everyone now has a smartphone with them.

The easier way to reach the customers is through digital marketing. Google Ads is an online advertising platform which allows you to advertise your products as per the needs either through video format, to allow mobile application installation for web users. In a similar way, there are many other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube where you can also have your advertisements. In Facebook, there is an option to save and alter the target audience for your page. A similar option is available on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. In YouTube, there are different types of advertising. Some of the advertisements can be skipped, meanwhile, the other advertisements must be watched before you can view the video you wanted to watch. There is also a main advertising video which will be played at the home page of YouTube. The cost to play the advertisement on the main page is high. There are millions of web pages on the internet. And a variety of advertising options available. Choose the correct platform for your need and execute. Facebook provides a merchant page where you can promote your products. Online shopping site like Amazon, Flipkart etc., provides a way for small merchandise to sell their goods. You can also create business pages in Fb, Instagram to reach out to consumers. Utilize the opportunities available on the internet and let the consumers know about the worth of your product. What better way to promote than the word of mouth. Some starting offer can be included to attract the customers.

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About traditional marketing, most of the Indian people have the habit of reading newspapers. So the idea of having advertisements in newspapers is a good idea. Add a sample product in the newspaper to gain trust from the customers. Also, homemakers have the habit of watching television. So telemarketing is also a welcoming option. There are some dedicated channels available for marketing, that can be used. Or normal advertisements can also be chosen.

In markets, conduct a promotional program and introduce your products to the customers. This will help get a good name for your brand. Provide offers, coupons, have some contests. Another great idea is to interview the experts and post their interviews to the public. Which will make the people read the comments given by the experts. There is a review system on the internet. Even if a single user is not satisfied with the product, he/she may write a bad review on the product which will cause a bad name to the company and the product boxes wholesale. Make sure the product is reached among the consumers with a good response.

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