How to feel better and fresh and be healthier within just 10 days?

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When it comes to our health and fitness, we are caught up with the enormous amount of inputs available in the internet. In this post, I am bringing you specific tiny things you can follow for 10 days to make your life more beautiful. These tiny hacks as simple as switching to rock salt rather consuming table salt. Likewise small things make a big impact on our lives and the below points will bring you a lot of happiness to oneself and to others who are around as well. If you follow these tips for 10 days, you, my friend, will enter a whole new world of health and happiness which you would never want to let go. Truly, fitness is not a destination but a way of life.

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  1. Practice drinking 3 liters of water. But make sure that you don’t drink water just before or after meals.
  2. Have a sound sleep for 8 hours.
  3. Stay away from your phone and laptop 30 minutes before you sleep.
  4. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Use a sunscreen.
  5. Switch to rock salt or black salt instead of the refined table salt.
  6. Switch to whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, oats etc.
  7. No refined sugar for 10 days. Keep your sugar intake from natural resources like fruits.
  8. Use oil sprays for cooking.
  9. Strictly no outside food for 10 days.
  10. Eat at least one serving of raw vegetable salad a day.
  11. No tobacco, no alcohol for 10 days.
  12. Switch to low fat dairy.
  13. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal.
  14. Eat one handful of nuts everyday.
  15. Spend 30 minutes, whenever you get time, to exercise.
  16. Spend 30 minutes doing something that you love. Reading, writing, playing, talking, sketching, whatever truly interests you.
  17. Do not skip meals.
  18. Do not multitask while you eat. Keep your phone away.
  19. Keep your daily protein intake (in grams) at least equal to your weight (in kilograms). Protein not only helps repair the body but also it is beneficial for skin and hair health.
  20. Don’t let the social media govern your life.
  21. Spend more time with your parents, your family, the people who truly care about your existence.
  22. Do something for others. Anything. Don’t let go off small opportunities.
  23. Spend 15 minutes alone. Just you with yourself.
  24. Do something for others. Anything. Don’t let go off small opportunities.
  25. Breathe. Smile. Life is simple. Life is beautiful.

For constant motivation to improve your health and life, it is important to stay dedicated and disciplined towards the routine.

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