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Sarahah, the application which lets anyone to send messages to anyone given that they have the latter profile link or URL. Earlier we have written an article about Sarahah and how one can use it for growth hacking. Seriously, the application has been intended for growth purposes but unfortunately things went may be a little beyond. If you are one of those who were annoyed of Sarahah in your Facebook feed then we have brought you a solution get rid of Sarahah.


Sarahah has been a huge hit on the Internet irrespective of the idea helped people in a constructive way or not. In the App play store, we are able to notice the app have got almost equal number of 1 star and 5 stars.

Source: YourStory
Source: YourStory

This is due to the fact that the application has been used for not really the intended purpose rather youngsters specifically in India (Mentioning India based on personal experience) and may be also in other parts of the world using the app for simply having fun with their friends and colleagues.


Even though the idea seems cool & constructive, there are scenarios where the application annoys those who are not interested with the idea. The thing that annoys most people is that, people who love the app just receive anonymous messages through the application and later they were posting the screenshots of the messages on their Facebook and other media feeds.


There is no shame in feeling the opposite when most of your friends find it interesting to use and fantastic to receive anonymous message to know about them. The app creator developed it with the intention to get constructive feedback from the employees in the organization anonymously and thereby getting to know the hard truth people in some case find it uneasy to share publicly.

Sooner or later, people are definitely going to stop having fun or creating memes on Sarahah. I truly believe that, pretty soon we will be using it for the ultimate good even though there will be people misusing the application for their personal interests.

So, here is the tip to get rid of Sarahah from your social media news feed and enjoy other things in life as usual. A developer has created this interesting Google chrome extension named Enough of Sarahah to free yourself from any posts that appear in relation to it.

Install the google chrome extension and let it do the hard work for you. For general knowledge purposes, know that the extension will simply block/hide/take away anything that appears with the keyword “Sarahah” in it.


The application can be used to do online marketing as anyone can send promotional content to your profile without your permission or anything. We have across Sarahah messages where they have shared a coupon code to buy something from their online with the discounted price.

Likewise, businesses can simply publish their Sarahah profile URL on their social media pages and request the customer to write anonymous feedback. Truth may really hurt you but definitely it will lead to a constructive living. Ignore the hate messages which were fake and created with dark intentions and find the real messages which have been sent with a mindset to improve others.

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