Increase organic web traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic Using Content

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Increase organic web traffic
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It is well known to all, that how internet is playing its roll across all kind of business. As we all know internet is the only way where everyone can accomplish their need, just by surfing the related websites where in need. The craze of internet among people making website become more popular, everyone is concentrating more on their online marketing when compare to physical store. So everyone is trying to increase more traffic on their website.

Here we go with some key point, where you can find the reality in how to increase your organic traffic. It is well known to all how content is important for website. Many of them were not aware of this before penguin update. The first step towards getting high traffic is having a unique and relevant content on all the pages across the website. Keyword density on body content should not be greater than 4% on your content. Try to write content using Latent Semantic method. Bold the keywords, so that we can maintain the density of bold keyword across the content. Don’t stuff the content only with the primary keyword.

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When you work on article and blog submission, try to inter link your old blog on your new blog. This will help you a lot on retaining users on your website. Avoid anchoring a single URL to different keywords, of course you are not anchoring the same page with same keyword. But it is not accepted by Google, as per Google guidelines it will consider it as one backlink for the keyword which found first by Google bot. If you do this we can get the full credit for our content, try to link different pages on one content.

Write optimized title and description. Use keyword research tool and Google trends. There are so many online tools are there to do keyword research, using that finalize your keyword with KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) and write your title.

Apart from technical part, SEO is all about content. The more quality content, the more performance on search engines. So once you done with on-page optimization do concentrate more on content creation. Make sure how innovative are you in content development, because this will play a key roll when it comes to off page optimization.

Places where you can spread your content,

  • Articles
  • Blog
  • Micro Blogging
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting
  • Profile Creation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Facebook Notes
  • PR (Press Release)
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