How to Keep Fit When You Sit All Day
How to Keep Fit When You Sit All Day

How to Keep Fit When You Sit All Day: Solutions for Your Desk-Job

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Sitting all day is one of the worst things you can do for your health. It’s been linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, among other issues. But what if you have a desk job? Well, fortunately, there are many solutions that will help keep you fit when sitting at work all day – here are some ways to stay healthy!

How to Keep Fit When You Sit All Day
How to Keep Fit When You Sit All Day

Walk As Much As Possible

If you have an office job that allows for walking, then make sure to walk as much as possible. You can take short walks, or even just standing up and moving your hands around in circles each hour will help keep the blood flowing.

To remain fit despite a desk job, try to stay on your feet as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. Try to hit 10,000 steps per day by walking a little more during your lunch break and throughout the workday.

Move Around Workspace

If you don’t have an office that allows for walking, then make sure to get up and move around your workspace as much as possible. It’s important that we stay active while sitting at work all day – if not, it leads us into a “sitting disease” where our muscles lose function because they’re underused and unused.

When you have the chance to stand up and move around, it’s important that you do so. If your office doesn’t allow for this much movement, then try taking short walks every few hours or walking in circles while sitting at your desk.

Instead of calling someone to get something, you can go and get it yourself.

Don’t Skip Breakfast.

To stay fit while at work, it’s important to never skip breakfast. When you don’t eat your first meal of the day, this throws off how our body processes food and how calories are burned – when we’re working all day, that means not eating can lead to weight gain, which is a problem for both health and those self-conscious types out there.

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If your office doesn’t provide breakfast, try bringing breakfast or a snack – this may sound redundant, but skipping meals will make you lethargic and lead to less productivity in the workplace.

Increase Water Consumption

To stay hydrated, you should drink eight glasses of water per day. But how can you do this when the office only has one water fountain? Simply bring a reusable container to work and refill it from your tap at home or any public drinking fountains that may be available in the area.

Eat Healthy Snack

If you’re feeling hungry, try reaching for a healthy snack to keep your energy up and help regulate how much sugar you consume – this will also save you from cravings later in the day. Avoid processed and packaged foods such as frozen dinners, fast food, chips, cookies, etc. This type of food leads to weight gain.

Pack Your Lunch From Home

To stay healthy while at work, make sure to pack your lunch every day. This will help you avoid processed and packaged foods that lead to weight gain – it also helps cut down on how much money is being spent on food each week!

If you’re packing a sandwich for lunch, try using whole grain bread instead of white bread or opting for a breadless sandwich to stay on the healthier side.

Set Lifestyle Goals

To make sure you stay fit while at home during the day, set lifestyle goals. This can include anything from how much water to drink per day or how many steps you take each hour – consulting a doctor and setting your own personal fitness plan is very important for staying healthy!


Sitting at work all day can be challenging because it involves a complex process of human behavior and cognition. More than likely, those marketers who struggle to win customers either haven’t been prospecting the right way or aren’t putting in enough effort. The good news is that there are many solutions for how to keep fit when you sit & work all day! 

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