How to keep Your newly Born Kids From Nipah Virus – Symptoms, Prevention & Cure

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These days, a lot of diseases threaten people. One such disease is Nipah virus. I am sure that, you all might have heard about the Nipah virus by this time. Recently, in Kerala, some people have turned to be the victims of Nipah virus and few people lost their lives to this Nipah virus. In such cases, it is important for new mothers to know how to safeguard their newborn from this Nipah. First of all, you should know what the Nipah virus is actually and how it spreads. Only then, you would come to know how to secure your little ones from it.

What is the Nipah Virus?

The Nipah virus is an evolving zoonotic pathogen and it has been transmitted from animals to humans. This virus was first found in Malaysia in the year 1988 and later in the year 2004, this virus was found in Bangladesh. Now, it was recently addressed in Kerala. It has been said that this disease spreads through bats, especially fruit-eating bats. Choose the best fertility centre in chennai according to whether or not the hospital and its doctors can able to provide you with the level of comfort which you are expecting in your treatment. You have to choose the fertility hospital that is easy to access, so that, you can able to travel alone if it is needed to be.

How the Nipah Virus Spreads?

  • Having human to human contact with the infected persons can spread this disease to the non-infected people.
  • Consumption of contaminated date palm juice and sap can spread this virus.
  • The virus can be transferred to the humans if they eat the fruits that are partially eaten by bats. People go near to the bat that is infected with Nipah virus can spread this virus.
  • People can get this virus if they eat the partially cooked meat of the infected animals.
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Signs of the Virus

  • In most cases, the sign of this Nipah virus would not be detected and this makes the virus more dangerous and threatening.
  • People infected with this virus will have headaches, sore throat, vomiting, influenza, fever, and muscular pain.
  • Breathing problems will be the severe sign of this virus. If you let the infection progress or grow in you, you will have acute respiratory issues.
  • Inflammation of the brain tissues and dizziness will be experienced by people that infected with Nipah virus.
  • People infected with this virus can go to a coma for two days.

How to Take Care of the New Born?

Continuous monitoring of physical and mental health of kids will be important to prevent your newborn children from this virus. Make sure to give the fresh feeding to your children rather than the older one. Make sure to not give fruits crush without checking the fruits. Keep taking your newborn to doctor for regular check-ups. The fertility treatments are expensive than other medical treatments as it uses the cutting edge procedure and advancements, so choose the best fertility centre in chennai that demands reasonable cost.


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