How to Make The Most Out of Google Search with These Tips & Tricks – Part 1

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Google considered being the No. 1 search engine striving continuously to get the world to a better place. Set aside the huge amount of user data collection for their business and service convenience. They help billions around the world to get necessary results on their search engine. Apart from the search engine, Google concentrates on many different areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and so on. Millions of small-scale companies are hugely benefited by the tech giant search engine service.

With the following search tricks, you can make much more use of the search engine. Google is leading player in the search engine arena, closely followed by others like Bing, Yahoo and others. This is a bit technical stuff but easily understandable by a normal internet user. Keep Going.

1. Searching using synonyms:

Search Term: “Apple ~fruit” (“Search Term ~meaning”)

Apple Phone

Things were changing at a rapid speed where we tend to forget the common meaning of regular names.
For ex, Amazon, Apple, Reliance and others. Amazon should be referring to the rainforest but due to the famous online shopping giant, our mind thinks about the company Amazon. Likewise “Apple the fruit” and “Reliance the meaning of the world” were not striking to the mind at above mentioned first.

When you above-mentioned search term, Google will search for the fruit apple rather bring you the results of Apple the phone.

Similar examples: “tree ~bonsai”, “umbrella ~meme”, trump ~cards game.

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Apple Fruit

2. Search within websites:

Search Term: “ google” (“ keyword”)

Microsoft Google

Searching within websites helps to narrow down our search and find the expected results on top. Use the above search term, which will
bring you the pages with the keyword “google” on Microsoft website. Similar examples: “ cat videos”, “ gaming mouse”, “ hacking”.

3. Finding similar or related websites:

Search Term: “” (“”)

Using the search you can get the similar websites.

For ex: You are making a list of social networking websites which is similar to that of Facebook.
With the search term, you will get results of related search engines. Likewise, you can try your own niche of websites and figure out similar websites which serve the same idea of content.

Similar examples: “”, “”

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon.

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