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We tend to forget the necessity in doing certain things in our life. Since the inception, we have come to a long distance in how we live and how we interact with our loved ones. Needless to say that instead of working a daily job for a happy living has changed into living a routine life to work continuously.

Are we truly showing how much we love our family these days is a big question mark in all our lives. Here we have brought you much needed tips to make your life partner feel loved. You never know how many miracles these little things can bring into your personal life. After all, these little things bring you the most cherish-able moments which will lead to a healthy relationship.



Sticky notes can be your best friend as it is very handy and observes attention from long distance too. Start leaving your spouse with little love notes to surprise in a reasonable way. You can express you love for your spouse in simple words and stick them in places where your wife may find them in the first place. Early morning is the best time to sneak in and put your efforts on creating lovely sticky note messages.


In this fast paced life, if you could spend do few minutes of smart work for your family happiness then it will help your personal life in unimaginable ways. Things getting broken or repaired in our households in a common scenario, now instead of complaining that it is broken if you could take quick action to fix it or replace it with a new one will bring loads of love from your spouse on to you. It could be that Tupperware, or a handle of a non-stick kitchen item or bangle set or anything else that you know your spouse loves a lot.


Most of the day you knew that both of you were passing time stress fully with all the daily commitments. If you could slightly break the routine and engage your spouse at unusual times, it will result in healthy relationship between the two. Simply wear some seductive dress to flirt them at odd times; it can be sexy underwear or an eye grabbing nighty it will be certainly cheer them up to think more of you rather than same old routine work they were doing.

Rather than pointing fingers, it is time to ask “are you making enough efforts to make your spouse feel loved?


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