How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook 2007

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If you accidently deleted an email from your outlook that is very important and you didn’t know how to get it back, don’t worry there is a feature in outlook to recover your deleted emails. This feature gives you a chance to recovery your emails that are deleted from any of the folders in your inbox. All the emails that you delete will be moved to your deleted items folder automatically. Remember this function will work only for the soft deletion (just pressing the delete button).

Your deleted emails will be kept in you deleted items folder for infinite days, unless if you delete that manually, or it can be automatically removed by your IT support team as per your company’s retention policy; by default it is minimum 30 days.

How to Recover Deleted email in Outlook

If you press shift+delete then you won’t be able to find your deleted emails in your deleted items folder. This action will delete your emails in both inbox and deleted items.

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When an email is deleted from the deleted items folder, it will be moved to another folder called recover deleted mails and it will be there for another 14 days but it has some exception in increasing the days. After that your emails will be deleted permanently.

Follow the below given steps to recover deleted emails in deleted items folder and also to recover emails that deleted permanent from your inbox by pressing shift+delete.

  • Go to deleted items folder right click and select recover deleted items
  • Now you can find the recover deleted items dialogue box on your screen. Then click the emails that you want to recover and then click the recover selected items button
  • Now you can find the emails put back into your inbox

The other option is, go to your main menu click on tools and click the recover deleted mails option provided.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

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