How to save our traditional and cultural methods – Importance of festivals

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India is famous for its culture and tradition, which is considered as the oldest and very interesting culture among all over the world. Well, our culture has gained lots of popularity because the vital components of our culture include good manners, civilized communication, beliefs, etiquette, values, rituals, etc. People in India have their own culture and tradition and they have own festival and celebration according to their own rituals. So, all the Indians are socially interdepended and hence strong bond unity in diversity of religions has been raised.

What do Indian youth know about Indian culture today?

The typical response to this question would probably be “very little” or “nothing”. Yes, young Indian has been obsessed with the latest trends of globalization. They got little attractive on new and fashionable trends so that they prefer the latest fashion in clothing such as low jeans or trendy jacket. On the other hand, they prefer a live-in relationship and they just say newest is the best.

To be precise, where do our culture tradition go on in this digital world? To bring out this, our Indian government should do more in spreading awareness about the greatness of our Indian culture. They should understand that it is facing stiff competition from the western culture.

How to protect our Indian Culture?

Stop looking at the past. And start feeling entitled to bring about some changes to Indian culture. Well, this would be the biggest help anybody would be bestowing upon the cultures of our nation. Actually, Indian culture inviting you to relish in their diversities and in their interplay with people around you. Indian people are very natural; they don’t need any help you need to be giving them.

And most of all don’t ever, ever make the mistake of feeling entitled as to what you get to decide, what constitutes part of the culture around you or not. The love shared during a day in Feb, called Valentine’s day is as much a part of this culture as a woman draped in a saree, or a man from Kerala wearing veshti. Young couples holding hands and walking around is a part of this culture, as is the practice of courting a woman by writing poetry. Wow, what a sweet thing has been followed, why can’t these modern youngsters follow the same.

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To keep the culture alive, we need to understand it, follow it with reasoning and at the same time need to evolve and discard that activity which is irrelevant to perform in current time.

So, what is the role of Youth for Preserving Indian Culture?

Take culture to a global level– Being Youth, you should interact with the rest of the world on various platform and thus show the world what the Indian culture actually means.

Pass Indian Culture to your Younger Generation– It is the responsible for youth to pass on the Indian culture to the generations to keep it alive forever.

Forget all the different versions and support just one basic rule– Generally, we all love our culture from our heart, but still, we feel losing its essence over the time. Whatever reason may be, just take our culture forward to next step and follow it as passionately as you do.

Bottom Line

Overall, along with our traditional culture try to follow our Indian festivals. Our age-old traditions have gifted the country with various festivals and fairs. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm and is known to bring wealth and prosperity to individuals and homes. Start enjoy your festivals with fancy fireworks. Buy crackers gift box online and celebrate your festival season with the colors and sounds of firecrackers.

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