How to Select Multiple Files or Folders Using Check Boxes in Windows 7


There are some defined ways to select multiple files or folders. As the technology grows every process can been simplified further during the release of its new version. We will see how the multiple files or folders select process had changed in Window 7. There was no change in the old processes of ‘how to select multiple files or folders’ in a drive; in addition to that windows had introduced new feature to select multiple files or folders.

To use this new feature please follow the user manual. Click on the organize button on the top left corner   of any driver or folder and select ‘folder and search options’ or go to control panel and select folder option. Then go to the view tab and scroll the scroll bar to the bottom of the frame. Now you find ‘User check boxes to select items-ON’, this is a second check box from the bottom; enable the check boxes click apply and ok. When you move your mouse over on any of the file or folder you can find a small checkbox appearing on left side of your file or folder. Now using single click you can select multiple items.

Use name at the header of drive or folder to select all files or folder. Refer the below screenshots for your clear references.

Step 1: Click on Organize Button on the top of the window.

How To Select Multiple Files Using Check Boxes in Windows 7

Click Tracker and Link Manager

Step 2 : Select Folder and Search options.

How To Select Multiple Files Using Check Boxes in Windows 7

Step 3: Click on the View Tab and select use check boxes to select items.

How To Select Multiple Files Using Check Boxes in Windows 7

Step 4: Now you can select multiple files.

How to select multiple files or folders in windows 7

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