How to send mail in using gmail smtp server

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An simple method to send mail in using your own gmail account. Gmail provides you SMTP and POP access to sending and receiving mails. If you are not having smtp server to send mails than gmail is a good solution to send mail using application.

First Thing we have to do is declare a namespace System.Web.Mail. To create a mail object, you need to create an instance of MailMessage. MailMessage contains properties such as To, Subject, BCC, CC etc. After that you have to set authentication, port, username and password. Another important thing is to run STARTTLS. STARTTLS is a command to initiate SSL handshake and switch to protection mode.

Namespace for sending mail in .NET using

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %>

Here comes the example for sending mail in using gmail

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Above example must work in both local and also in server without any access problem and issues. Especially with GoDaddy server.

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